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Universal Orlando Releases DreamWorks Land First Look

DreamWorks Land has gotten a bit lost in the noise about Universal Orldando’s Epic Universe, but the park that will always be Universal Studios to some of us (sidebar: get off my lawn!) released a video about its other new attraction, and it comes with an opening date: June 14, 2024. As it’s a r...

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Universal Epic Universe Unveils Super Nintendo World

Get ready to ride with Mario and Luigi. Today, Universal Orlando Resort released a video teasing another “world” in its upcoming Epic Universe, Super Nintendo World. After entering through a green pipe (which is perfect), guests will find that Super Nintendo World is divided into two sections, S...

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Disney Takes Steps for Magic Kingdom Expansion Beyond Big Thunder Mountain

The theme park wars may be starting, and it has the same energy as when Commissioner Gordon told Batman about escalation before handing him the Joker card. Universal Studios, which is now called Universal Orlando but is still really Universal Studios, is working on its Epic Universe, a massive expan...

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Bob Iger Wins Disney Proxy War

If it were put up for a vote, do you think the passengers aboard the Titanic would have voted for the iceberg? I think it’s possible. In today’s annual shareholder meeting, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that he had won the proxy war instigated by Nelson Peltz that sought to get Peltz and Jay Ra...

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Universal Orlando Teases How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk

Universal’s Epic Universe is calling in the dragons. In a video released last week, Universal Orlando showed off one of its “worlds,” this one based on How to Train Your Dragon. Called How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk, this world will have rides, games, and attractions, with certain ...

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Dragon Ball Theme Park Coming to Saudi Arabia

Goku is about to get a training ground to prepare for that fight with Superman. A press release on the Dragon Ball official website announced that a Dragon Ball theme park is coming to Saudi Arabia. The park is being funded by the Qiddiya Investment Company as part of what it calls the “Qiddiya�...

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