A.Heard has borderline personality disorder & histrionic personal disorder

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    I have not followed this much but I saw some of the highlights of her in court.  It just goes to show just how talented film editors and cinematographers are this woman could even be passable as a performer.  I’m getting major Norma Desmond vibes seeing her in the courtroom trying to act up a storm.


    Some y-tubes are proving A.💩 is reading a script.

    And not a script she wrote, but from actual movies, and in some cases word for word.

    This person is a fraud, a blackmailing, a liar.

    And now, after A.💩 started on the stand, we get a full weeks break, so she can prepare for reading the next plagiarized plea to try and con the jury.

    I do hope the jury not only finds A.💩 guilty, but the award to JD is way more than what he is asking for, and that A.💩’s counter suit is dismissed with prejudice.

    A.💩 has put victims of domestic abuse back DECADES with her farce.



    My friend and I were talking about this on Tuesday night and we basically were both laughing at Heard. We’re both on Depp’s side.


      I hope JD’s team actually researches her testimony and when court starts back again, they recall her and under oath read the scripts and movies she used. My god that would destroy her in court and possible get her nailed with Perjury and Contempt charges.


      If they are allowed to research.

      One of the items would be that makeup set they claimed they used to cover up any signs of abuse?

      When the company that made that product, the put our a press release that (to summarize)

      this product came out late 2017.  well after the dates it is claimed the defendant claims she was using it.

      Someone said, that as part of the “you cannot view anything related to the trial”, the inclusion of this obviously FALSE claim in court, if the prosecuting team brings this to the court’s attention, the defendant can claim for a MISTRIAL.

      Alot of people think they deliberately made this false claim in the hopes the case WILL be declared a MISTRIAL.

      I think that is their only hope.  Get a mistrial by any means possible!



        There is no prohibition on JD’s legal team doing the research, in fact in US Law that is doing do diligence and lawyers can lose their license for not doing it. ONLY the jurors cannot, and that is what everyone hears at the end daily (juror instructions)  There is a lot of people who talk without knowing, instead of learning about the laws or anything or any subject, people just believe what the news or their cousins brothers sisters friend says.


        A.💩 has lost her case against the true victim of domestic violence, and for defamation.

        While Johnny Deep does not get nearly the dollar value he was looking for, it was still a victory for male victims, domestic abuse survivors, and for defamation.

        Congrats Johnny Deep.


          OK can we now get two things to happen.


          1. Amber out of all Aquamans and replaced with Emilia Clarke.


          2. Johnny to be able to put on the Capt Jack costume and be able to go back to the childrens hospitals.


          A Third would be a Apology from Disney but we know that will never happen, that would require class.


          To break down the monetary awards:

          Johnny get $10 Million plus $5 Million (reduced to state max $365,000)

          Amber gets $2 Million (cause of the former lawyer who was working for Deep when his statements were made publicly).


          From what I have seen, Deep will pay the $2 Million, while Amber will “pledge” to pay Deep (ie. she will not pay Deep one cent of the judgement against her.)

          Or, and I would like this, Deep (and his attorneys with the courts permission) sends $1 Million directly to each of the two charities that is OWED my Amber’s pledges.  (ie. Amber does not get one penny of that money.)


          Or, I would like to see the NET difference be used.  The $2 Million is taken off what Amber owes Deep.  Deep pays NOTHING to Amber while she legally OWES Deep $8,365,000


          That is, if ms.💩 does not file an appeal (and no money changes hands during the appeals process).


            No she will pay, it just depends on the way he has to get Blood from that Turnip.

            He can send notice of award to the her banks, employer (if one exists after this still), or other parties that may be paying her money, talent agencies sponsors endorsements deals “Royalties” etc These notices let individuals know that instead of paying the opposing party, they should be paying him now until her obligation is met.

            He also has the ability to go after any personal property she owns and even having a Officer of the court go in to any employer and sit there to get the paychecks.

            I have seen estimates her “Net Worth” is between 5 and 9 million. We know they always seem to over-estimate. So lets say 7 million. She just got nailed for Attorney cost and his award.  She is hopefully done in hollywood, but I doubt it as their is always porn lol.


            I read a statement where ms.💩 and her lawyers WILL appeal.

            I do hope that if an appeal happens, that they not only lose yet again, but the monetary awards for Deep goes UP, while that other does down.

            The damage done by ms.💩 to Mr. Depp (his reputation/career) is worth way more than 5x the statement of Depp’s former lawyer is.


              Of course they will appeal. But wont make her employable again.  Her own statement just goes to show she believes her own lies. The Jury and the Nation by a vast majority believe she lied and did everything he said.  Right now she is so toxic to anything, I would not be a bit surprised to see her completely edited out of Aquaman 2.

              Hollywood might be the second most woke place on earth, but they are capitalist at heart and HATE loosing money. Her in AQ-2 would guarantee a massive backlash. So much so I would bet it would be a massive flop.  Lets be real this is the excuse they were looking for to get rid of her. Now can they edit it without Mera? Maybe.

              But more importantly, they have seen the fans crying for The Mother of Dragons. If they had a brain left in all of hollywood they would bring her back and reshoot all the Mera scenes and maybe add a few more and take advantage of the chemistry between Emilia and Jason and the love the fans have for them together. That would be a Billion dollar return if not more.

              They do have a 10 months before release date, hell push it back the Memorial day 2023 and Put Emilia in. Is there anyone who would not love to see that? Look at what Jason did during filming of DUNE. Yup Billions to be made or lost, its all on hollywood now.


              So happy that Depp won this case! Hopefully this means that courts shouldn’t always #believeallwomen ! I never liked the #MeToo movement from day one as I knew where it was going to go from there and I was right.


                I don’t see what the obsession is with this woman.  Sure, she is pretty but her levels of insane FAR outweigh her beauty.  And she is not all that even. There are far more beautiful women out there who aren’t totally looney toons.

                Depp I just feel sorry for.  I believe his long life as a gazillionaire have left him a bit lost.  But I believe him to be a good guy overall.

                The real irony here that I find is they are treated as equal performers.  But Depp is a great and true actor.  Heard is merely a somewhat pretty face who has not done very much of substance.  I think her best role was the 5mins she was in “Zombieland”.


                Even with claims she can’t pay, and won’t be able to make the money to make an appeal, this media whore is still at it!

                Amber Heard Asks For Defamation Verdict To Be Tossed Due To Lack Of Evidence

                Attorneys for Amber Heard have issued a 43-page memorandum, which asks for the verdict in Johnny Depp’s libel case to be tossed on the grounds of insufficient evidence.

                WTF!  We were given clear evidence you are a liar, defamed WITH MALACE, and were lucky the jury awarded so little.

                Heard argued that it was false for Depp to claim that he lost his role in “Pirates of the Caribbean” because of her Washington Post op-ed.

                In the Me-Too movement/era, any claim of DA (even without evidence/false claims) have devastating effects on the men the alleged allegations are made against.

                Judge Penney Azcarate told Heard’s attorney that if she wanted to appeal the verdict she will have to put up an $8.35m bond with an annual 6% interest. Representatives for Heard have said she does not have the money to pay Depp or meet the bond.

                End of case.  You and your team LOST to the overwelming evidence, while you and your lies and hearsay shoed you had no case.

                Claiming you telling a person is PROOF is abuse, and saying the hearsay of those notes where they just wrote down what you CLAIMED happened while not proving it DID happen, is not evidence.

                Where is the medical examinations from doctors and emergency staff?  Where are the x-rays and hard evidence of… oh wait.  There is none because there was nothing to begin with.  No wonder the jury (and those following the court case) do not believe your LIES!

                OH, but the UK trial….

                Once again, the publication only had to prove they thought at the time of the article/headlines that the information they got was… credible.  We now know it to all be LIES.

                Go sleep on the bed you sh!t on.

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