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    According to these videos Japanese Manga is outselling American comics currently because unlike here in North America, the Japanese don’t shove SJW nonsense into their comics.

    So here is my idea of how American Comics could be saved….what if some Japanese company bought the rights to Marvel, DC or any failing American comic business then moved operations to Japan then remotely hired both American and Japanese writers, artists, inkers, or anyone else like that along with anyone not American that has worked in comics for work for them.

    But the comics operated under the Japanese laws of no wokeness in their comics but can be sold in America as an American title.

    We could outsource American comics to Japan to make them not woke then they’ll be sold back here with no wokeness and both America and Japan make a crap ton of money.

    And each month at these companies the Japanese boss that now runs Marvel or DC or any failed American comic company will have a mandatory test to see which of his employees he hired are woke through a test like in the movie The Thing and if the employees or several employees are woke…the Japanese boss pulls out a Katana points at the woke employee and says “You are fired!!!! Now get out before I turn you into sushi!!!!! We don’t get woke so we don’t go broke!!!!!! GET THE F&*K OUT!!!”

    Then the woke employee leaves crying and accuses the Japanese boss of being a racist white guy then the Japanese yells back “I AM JAPANESE NOT WHITE!!!!! YOUR COMMENT MAKES NO SENSE!!!!!!! GO RUN HOME TO YOUR SAFE SPACE SNOWFLAKE!!!!!!”

    And I think we might save American comics this way.


      This is a BAD idea. I don’t want to see any bleed through between the two. We definitely don’t want the wokerati being involved in anything the Japanese are doing. Business arrangements of this type can go both ways. The intent might be to fix the west but could damage the east. It’s a risky gamble. Not worth the reward. Let Marvel and DC rot.


        The Japanese should buy america and end this WOKE hogwash period. They don’t like it much there. They already have politeness built in to their society, it’s part of their language, and part of why I love it. You don’t need to lock your bikes up in Japan for example, no one will steal it. Their constitution also forbids the government forcing people to stay home. The USA could learn some valuable lessons from Japan imo. USA has become a laughing stock of the world if you ask me. Weakness.


          Heck, why not? They already make Avengers anime and are coming out with a Deadpool manga


          Nah, Japan has their own properties and they shouldn’t have to do the work of Americans for them. Besides, superhero comics are just left-leaning trash anyway and should just hit rock bottom for it.


          It’s a whole another culture in Japan and some Westerners just find it too weird. We shouldn’t have to rely on another country to save us from our own cultural decline (it’s not like Japan doesn’t have its own problems).

          Mainstream comics are beyond saving, but the industry itself isn’t. Our energies are best spent making our own content or at least support independent content creators that got chased out because they refused to get on board the woke train. We should create our own infrastructures that reflect our values, giving future generations an alternative to woke ideology. With time we may win back what was ours (which is one of the reasons why Communists are against the free market and free speech; they know on some level their ideas are fucking shit that will not stand against proper scrutiny and will crumble when people are given the choice to a better system).

          I know it’s hard for a lot of people – Characters like Spider-Man and Batman are icons to many generations that have endured for decades. But all good things come to an end. In order to build a future, you have to let go of the past. Stop counting on some outside force to put everything right, the only thing we can rely on are ourselves.


          Would love to see this! I really wanted to watch the X-Men animi as it looked well animated but I can’t seem to get it in my country…Also, the artwork would look sooooo much better than what we’ve currently got.


            I dunno… I’m not sure they have enough capital to start with.

            Only the japanese gaming companies might have enough, but they’re also being influenced by western policies right now (sony…)

            I think independence is the goal… it is the way to success, the way to better quality. I believe there still good writers and artists at marvel and dc, people without agenda, people that only worry about making a good product, but they are limited by the new departments that own them… they’re not independents, they need to follow hundreds of rules now. That’s what is destroying the industry, in my opinion.

            And as soon as some non-woke writer/artist goes out of line, an apology with black background must be published otherwise they’re canceled right away.

          Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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