A list of Youtubers outside of G+G you should be subbed to

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      All of the above listed.  Red Letter Media is a must have.  If you are still into Game of Thrones,  Preston Jacob’s knowledge is ridiculous.   Rawrist great with her DO NOT VISIT series she’s still doing.  Sam the Cooking Guy.  Watching him just to see him burn himself or spill all over.  He’s not a super polished show which I love.


        The old Turtle Den has some amazing TMNT content without any politics… it’s quite refreshing in this day and age.


          SomecallmeJohnny and The Completionist have some amazing video game reviews if you want to see game reviews without political bullcrap.


          Trevor Noah? Jesus Christ man. Lol I can’t watch him.


          I follow almost All the friends/staff of G&G.

          Then I follow these ones:

          Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Young Rippa, Jericho Green, Joe Rogan, Nasa Channel, Oxhorn, Cordless VII, it’s a Gundam, Tim Pool, uravgconsumer, Lauren Chen, sinatra_says, certifiable ingame, below the belt, keralis, the liberty hound, pragerU, the fighter and the kid.


          Yong is kind of woke.


          Give me your thoughts on these guys:


          Gamza (Formerly Commisar Gamza)

          The Epic Narrator

          NornQueenAlexis (I’m on iffy on this one)



          Only one I’m very iffy with is NornQueen. The others have called out GW’s bullshit, and even found out Marxists and sjws are trying to cancel people while gatekeeping the tabletop hobby. For non hobby stuff, I’m going to add in Clownfishtv. They’re on Disney and Twitter’s shit list too after exposing the Rat,

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            Other than the obvious channel’s most G&G fans already sub to…

            Upper Echelon Gamers
            Hellbent (I think, most, everyone that likes G+G would like this dude. He doesn’t really bitch about pop culture but he rips on anything and everything during his live streams. Before youtube went cancel crazy, he would say, literally, anything that popped into his head if he found it funny and still doesn’t self censor heavily)
            GoodBadFlicks (Mostly reviews of classic or b-movies and takes subtle jabs and cancel and sjw culture from time to time and has admitted in a Twitch stream that he hates it)
            Mike Matei
            Game Sack
            Dante Ravioli
            Pimp Master Broda
            Call Me Kevin
            Bellular News
            Zone Toons


              Crowder and Noah… credit for versatility, I suppose. haha
              I just hope you know which 1 is “funny because it’s true” and which 1 is “funny because he’s an idiot”.


              There are 2 other youtubers that I haven’t seen mentioned yet to sub to:


              The Gilkman aka me: 


              and Ords Bored: 


              I recommend La Reina y’all https://www.youtube.com/user/ScentsYouAll


                My fave Youtuber’s That Star Wars Girl, and i see she’s already on this long list

                Another Youtuber i really like’s Alteori, she has a good variety of content, i recommend watching her B-movie reviews, they’re hilarious

                Also like Star Wars Theory, has lots of cool Star Wars theories and more

                And also a fan of Merry Mayhem :3


                  Smarter every day for neat science stuff



                  I would also recommend:


                  HISHE (How It Should Have Ended)


                  The Harvey Zone

                  Jeff Dunham

                  Paul Joesph Watson


                  Simon’s Cat

                  ComicArtistPro Secrets

                  Crazy Frog




                Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 76 total)
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