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    Got this in the mail a few days ago


    Piccolo is probably one of my favorite Dragon Ball characters



    44FA8496-BD42-4144-AF5B-33D1DFCE1CC8B05BB939-EF32-4FB6-91E0-F9D7790E68F0My 2 favorites


    I’ve got a few other figures, but my main collection is the new Master’s of the Universe Origins. I replaced Beastman’s whip with a black pipe cleaner for posing. lolMOTU-Origins-Figures3



    This lot started with me seeing Bishop at a convention for £5. The two Vasquez figures are unboxed because I got them second hand off eBay (and had to fix the smart gun). I also have the packs of facehuggers/chestbursters and extra marine weapons to go with these.


    I’ve just put some of my various action figures to use and with some decidedly dodgy voice acting used them to compare various sci-fi universes through the eyes of a Warhammer 40k Dark Angels marine:




    Hi StephenDutton

    Do you remember the old school white dwarf magazines? Where they taught you how to build terrain and structures? You remind me of that, carry on!


    Yes, I remember those magazines. I had every one from issue 109 to the point where GW split the magazine into two for a while.




    Driod looks drunk to me…



    This isn’t my entire collection, but some of my favorites. The Superman unfortunately has a broken leg, so he’s bound to the box. I mostly collect boxed figures rather than carded so I can keep them for storage. I collect a lot of SH Figuarts stuff and Figma.


Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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