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    I don’t know if this will help but, Google Chrome has been warning it will no longer support “FLASH PLAYER’.



      People, as a whole, need to stop supporting Chrome.


      Rome wasn’t buildt on a day.

      This website will solve its issues with time and work.

      I recommend using the brave browser and duckduckgo.


      Glad to see many problems fixed already.

      Such a relief to see pages lol


      I have been trying to make a new topic but it gives me some odd message “Failed to load plugin: hm_bbpuip_image from url”


      Hello Legatus_Legionis. We don’t currently use Flash Player on the site so this should not be an issue. Thank you for bringing this forward though.


      Hello @Madmummy76. The development team advised me to let you know to clear your cache and see if the issue persists. Let us know if it does. Thank you!


      Hello @megazord_jeremy. The development team let me know that the blog got posted three times. The duplicates were deleted and the original one was kept up. If you continue to have issues please let us know. Thank you!


      Hello @Greg87259. The development team let us know that any issues relating to a user’s ability to post images in the forums should be fixed. If the issue comes up again, let us know in a post. Thank you!


      I typed up a topic in entertainment and I got labelled spam? I tried putting up again and it doesn’t appear, what the Hell?


      Why can’t I post anymore new topics?


      I can’t see new posts in threads without login in account, when i get email notification about new post, i can read it, but when i use link to this new post, its not here

      When writing a reply, i see error “Failed to load plugin: hm_bbpuip_image from url
      Failed to load plugin: hm_bbpuip_image from url”

      When edititing your messege ence, it shows double “This reply was modified”, if editiong twice, then four “This reply was modified”

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      • This reply was modified 3 years, 5 months ago by AntiFem.

        I’m a Premium Member but for some reason the automatic renewal for the February payment didn’t go through. I don’t think it’s my payment method as I’ve been able to complete other purchases and when I got the email that told me the renewal failed, I clicked on “Pay” to manually pay it. It then took me to sign in, which I did and then it said “Premium Monthly Subscription could not be added to cart. Please enter a valid positive number.” “Checkout is not available whilst your cart is empty” “Your cart is currently empty”. So I thought I’ll sign up again and then cancel the subscription that is glitching out but my payment didn’t go through for the new subscription either so I’m not sure if it’s a website issue maybe. I thought I’d let you guys know.


        Hello Megazord_Jeremy, AntiFem and Criddler556. I’ve noted all these issues and forwarded it to the development team. Hopefully they come up with a solution soon. Thank you!


        The way the website is laid out on iPad and phones can be a little confusing at times. (I understand that it will be a lot better once the app comes out)

      Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 450 total)
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