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    I know this isn’t an issue but I was thinking Geeks and Gamers could build a thread on this website where I and other aspiring authors could submit creepypastas or horror stories random people from the internet make up and share online.

    Cause I want to find a place to submit a Creepypasta that pokes fun of SJWs as other places won’t allow that.


    I made a new topic then when I edited it because of a spelling error it went and marked my topic as spam???!!!!!!!! What gives??!!!!! This is the second or 3 time this has happened!!!!!!!



    I can’t even find my other topics like my Ghost busters movie topic….your system says it is here on this site…..but I can’t find it!!!!!!!


      @Megazord_Jeremy, try adding this at the end of your post when you repost it “For f**ks sake, this isn’t f***ing spam! i’m just trying to edit post!!”, I just posted something and it dissapeared like 5 times, then i specified that it’s not f***ing spam, and it let me post 😄

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      Hey @Megazord_Jeremy. I would just create a new thread  about the Creepypasta or horror stories maybe in the general discussion!


      Hi there. I posted a video last night to the MechaRandom42 topic, but that video has been unlisted now because it’s being re-edited. I posted the latest video, but it’s not showing up. Did I inadvertently spam or is there something else like a bug in the forum? I certainly don’t want to violate any rules, so I can only plead “ignorance” if I have.

      Thanks for your time.


        I’m a little confused, is the “Favorite” button on forums working yet? I was taking a look at my points and…

        Immagine 2021-02-16 052830

        How’d i get a point for someone favoriting my topic?? ‘Cause when i tried to favorite a topic it didn’t show up in my favorites ???


          Just made a reply in a thread. Nothing there. It’s as if I did nothing, it’s gone. When I try to post again, it says it is a duplicate. But there is nothing there!!! I also added tags to my reply, and now it seems the entire thread has my tags on it.

          When I go to my profile and then Forum, Replies Created:  when I try to load more, it just spins and never loads them. (my recent post I mentioned above is not there either)

          Also getting a “plug in not loading” in the reply area for a long time now.

          The site also loads kind of slow a lot of the time.


          How do I change my screen name? I’m thinking about changing my name to something else


          Hey Criddler556! The issue has been addressed and you have an active subscription. Thank you for letting us know the issues!


          I’m having this one issue where every time I come here, I have to log back in, even though I checked the “remember me” box. This wasn’t an issue before, but has only been happening in the past few weeks. Is there a way to keep me logged in longer?


          I replied to a guy on a topic I started and my reply didn’t appear at? It says 7 replies and I only see 6 replies and my reply isn’t there. What the Hell is wrong with this website? This is so frustrating.


            If the reply doesn’t appear just go back and try again, if it still doesn’t work try using different browser


            Notifications seem to be going to every account as distinct copies.  Over 10,000 new notifications were generated in four hours.  This seems like a significant performance issue.


              2 issues.

              1srt, did a cache clear and recent history clear this morning and could not sign in back in, sent support a e-mail and then report issue button, still waiting on them, came here to see if anyone else was having issues and tried logging in at the bottom of this page and was able to get in…

              2nd while im  reporting I made a post last week to the PARKS Forum about Silver Dollar city, said it required Moderator Approval… had not seen anything done in a few days so i sent Jeremy a direct message, I know he is busy but there has to be other mods on here who could approve it or at least DM me as to why it was not if it broke any rules. Whats the problem with it if any?

            Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 450 total)
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