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    Not sure much else needs to be said but during the lock down especially AEW has shown innovation and creativity…not to mention actual freaking wrestling, while the WWE still fails at whatever the heck sports entertainment is.


      I keep hearing this and I want to believe it. I’ve been checked out on professional wrestling since CM Punk left in 2014. The product has become so incredibly bad but I’m hoping AEW can pullover me back

      Mr. Roy

        WWE is awful. Watching 3 hours of RAW is now torture!


          so true lol


          Very true! I have basically given up on that completely and only watch NXT weekly


          I’ve given up on everything at the moment. Wrestling…at least Stateside, just doesn’t work for me without an audience. My first break since getting into it back in 1991. I was digging the Wednesday night war (if you even can call it that) before the beer bug came around, I’d watch both AEW and NXT side by side picture in picture. Good stuff from both.


          AEW is getting really solid with a influx of talent now such as Brodie Lee (Luke Harper), Matt Hardy, FTR (The Revival), Brian Cage. All are solid additions. It just sucks that these debuts occurred in when there was  no audience. I remember back as a kid you would have to flip back and forth between Raw and Nitro just to see who would show up. This was kind of calling back to that. I think AEW uses their talent a lot better. Made use of Jake The Snakes promo skills. Jericho has full range and is excellent in both promo and commentary scenarios. I also think AEW has a edge with social media. Cody and Young Bucks are highly active on YouTube, which many WWE talent outside of New Day are not.


          Ive found WWE stale since the loss of Punk. There has been nothing on main roster that has been exciting enough to keep me coming back.

          AEW is great though. Matches are almost always atleast good, and a lot of the time they are very good. Their womens division needs a little bit of work but the current champion is great.

          The mixture of AEWs ‘home’ talent, like Sammy Guevarra and
          Darby Allin with mainstays like Dean Ambrose, Jericho and Matt Hardy gives them alot of variety and week after week its those home talents who are stealing the show. Its great to see. You can tell they have a great amount of creative freedom and are legitimately enjoying themselves.


          I honestly cannot stand WWE’s current product and AEW is way better. I like Cody and Chris Jericho the most so far. Darby Allin is also great alongside the dark order.


            I’ve only been tuning in to AEW. I even attended their first Atlanta show back in February and it was kickass. Cody, Jon Moxley and especially Chris Jericho are doing a solid job ushering in the brand. Jericho is simply brilliant.


            I am not convinced, I don’t find any of their guys very exciting, great they got Jericho, Jon Moxley, Cody and Goldust but they don’t have any real heavy hitters in my opinion, WWE doesn’t have anyone exciting either, the best thing they have done is push Drew Galloway he is epic but his run and momentum isn’t where it should be due to covid 19 I think, AEW signs a few big names to make things interesting then I’d agree, but I don’t think AEW will truly be a threat to the WWE until they establish a heavy hitter as “the guy”


            I love AEW, but WWE still provides some fun content. I was in Washington for the first episode of AEW Dynamite and one of the pay-per-views, the energy in the arena was unlike anything I have ever felt at a WWE weekly show or pay-per-views I have been to personally.

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            They actually had The Guy. Coming off his run in New Japan, Kenny Omega was the hottest thing in the business since Daniel Bryan back in 2014. While he didn’t have a mainstream following, he was essentially the second coming of Chris Jericho…and instead of pushing him as such, and telling stateside fans who may not have been in the know just what a big deal he had been, he was reduced to a tag role in the midcard. Him wanting to take a step back, much like Cody and the Bucks because of their role in the company along with the signing of John Moxley really ruined all the work NJPW did to build the guy, and it’s a shame…he could’ve been and should be huge.


            AEW has the best wrestler in the world in Kenny Omega, the best heel in the business in Jericho, and the best babyface in Cody. AEW all the way!


              I will not dispute that statement.

            Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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