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      I’ve always appreciated fan made music videos. I started a thread in the gaming forums for GMVs. I thought I’d start one in this forum for AMVs.

      Song: Indestructible
      Artist: Disturbed


      Back in the day, which is late 90’s early 2000’s, I was big into these. There was a website back then that had a archive where creators would post their AMVs. I had a decent collection while I was in college. One of my favorites was Disturbed’s The Game set to Goku and Vegeta’s fights all through out DBZ.


        I’d never heard about AMVs untill recently, and a lot of them use music that i really like, so i’m in :3


        One of the oldest but still one of the best AMV’s:


          Cool AMV, but i have to put a SPOILER alert on it … don’t say i didn’t warn you


            I assume all AMVs and GMVs are full of spoilers.
            Most of the time, they are so out of context I dont think it ruins anything, though.




                one of my all time favorites since 2011


                  An AMV featuring one of my favorite anime shows of the 2010s:



                  Song: Paint it, Black

                  Artist: The Rolling Stones


                    Another one of my AMV favorites, featuring another one of my favorite anime shows…



                    Song: You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid

                    Artist: The Offspring



                        I need to find othe anime AMVs, but Code Geass’s AMVs have so many of my fave songs 😸🎵


                          Found a couple more cool AMVs 🎵🎵

                          Ehh… spoiler alert for Fullmetal Alchemist 😅 watch at your own risk


                            Here are a few more cool AMVs featuring some instrumental trance music, my all-time favorite music genre. I had not seen these AMVs until several minutes ago, nor have I seen all three of the anime series being presented in their entirety, I just thought that these three AMVs both had interesting visuals and excellent music.

                            Song: We Are What We Are (Original Mix)

                            Artist: Alex Byrka & Breame

                            Song: Arlanda (Original Mix)

                            Artist: Alex Byrka, Ruslan Device & Alex Wright

                            Song: Triangles (Original Mix)

                            Artist: Dima Krasnik

                          Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)
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