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      Remembered this classic of one of Bleach’s best and most popular villains:

      “You called yourself the Undécimo Arrancar: The Eleventh. I’m confused about the significance of that number. Does that mean you’re the eleventh strongest Arrancar? Or is it some sort of rank in the military?”

      “Nothing of the sort. That number indicates my birth order, not my battle strength. However… That only goes for numbers above ten.
      When a Hollow is reborn as an Arrancar through the Hōgyoku, they are assigned a two digit number in the order of which they are created. The numbers one through ten are reserved for those of us have proven to be exceptionally skilled killers, in descending order of their lethality. They are the Espada. Their numbers are inscribed somewhere on their bodies and they are given authority over the rest of us. The strength of an Espada makes our own pale in insignificance.
      And I should warn you… One of the Arrancars in this battle right now is an Espada. A ruthless killer. If one of your comrades has the misfortune of confronting him, than their fate is sealed. You may as well prepare their grave, for they have no hope of survival.
      Lord Aizen gave him the number six. The Sexta Espda: Grimmjow Jeagerjaquez.


      WARNING!!!- MAJOR Spoilers for JoJo Part 5 in the Gangsta’s Paradise Video. You have been warned.


      Ichigo’s primary arch-nemesis of the Arrancar arc, Ulquiorra Schiffer:

      “Hollows do not eat human souls because they are hungry… They eat souls to ease their pain. Hollows are fallen souls. Souls that were not admitted to Soul Society… Souls that were left behind… These fall, lose their hearts and become Hollow. The hole in their chest symbolize the loss of their heart and they forever strive to fill the emptiness inside.”
      ~ Rukia Kuchiki

      “A heart, you say? You humans toss that word around so meaninglessly. As if it’s something you can hold in the palm of your hand. These of mine reflect everything. There is nothing they cannot penetrate. What cannot be seen does not exist. That’s what I’ve always believed. What is a heart? If I tear open your chest, will I see it? If I split open you skull… Will I find it in there?”
      ~ Ulquiorra Schiffer


      Here’s another AMV. Do I need to mark this as a spoiler of a 15 year old series?


      The Ten Swords of Sosuke Aizen and commanders of his Arrancar Army, the Espada:

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