Any Board Game Lovers?

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    War of the Ring is my absolute FAVORITE board game of all time. I can’t get enough of it!


    My friends and I play a lot of board games. My 2 personal factories are Risk Legacy and Heroscape


    YAAA Axis and Allies!


    I’m currently waiting on my Street Fighter board game that Angry Joe kickstarted.


    I want to get into more board games, can’t find a lot of friends who want to play, but my wife is willing, so I may pick up a few games here and there.


    I LOVED HeroQuest! I still have some of the minis lying around in a box. The game got destroyed when my kids were little and they loved to play it.


    GREAT GAME! I have that one as well!


    Most of our games we play as a family. I have a few friends that I have been dragging into playing :)


    Board game i fondly remember as a kid was the Farming Game (monopoly designed on the back of a tractor).  More recently it’s been card games Legends of the five rings, Doomtown, and Munchkin. I really what to play the Fallout Board and Wasteland Warfare.


    I love board games. I think everyone should own at least 2-3. It’s convenient and fun to play when the power goes out, or great just to have and play with the fam on a Saturday night!

    ((Storytime)) This one time this random guy showed up to my house with the board game “Sorry” in this hands and he basically had the wrong house but it was nice to see that he was going over a friends to play a board game. <3


    We used to do board games all the time.


    Monopoly, Sorry, Trouble, Snakes & Ladders, Stratego, Axis and Allies, Risk, Clue,  HeroQuest, Life, Chess, Checkers, Broadsides & Boarding Parties.

    Stop Thief, Dark Tower, Scotland Yard, Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, Othello, Chinese Checkers.


    My bro expanded some of the games;

    Risk had trippled in size, to include antarctica and the Moon (only accessible from Cape Canaveral in Florida and Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan).

    Clue had the suspected replaced with family members, and the mansion was replace with their home.



    To RevKev and all fans of unusual board games.

    Friends! I play in a “Logical Curling”. This is a unique mix of curling and … poker! Write to me: I will be happy to communicate!





    I’ve always loved board games. They’re great for hanging out with family and friends. Axis & Allies is one of my all time favorites.


    Are you absolutely ceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeertain he didn’t “accidently” knocked on the wrong door on purpose?

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