Are your theatres open?

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    Are your movie theater’s open? What’s the last movie you saw?


    I think the ones in my city are open, but I’ve been driving an hour to the next city over to see movies with my family and friends


    Saw Godzilla vs Kong, Mortal Kombat and Demon Slayer.

    Pro tip: see if your theater will rent out the auditorium for a private viewing! We did that all 3 times. If you have 20 people going, and each person pays 10 bucks, that pays for the whole thing! Then you don’t have to worry about mask Karens or people on their phones, etc.


      Our never closed, they did go limited early on in the CUUUFFF.

      Then they realized that the Governors order really had not teeth so they went more unlimited, Now I would bet they would be at full capacity if there was anything decent to see. Same with our Restaurants its been funny watching people go in with mask on, the second they are seated it came off and didnt go back on the whole time. But ya the local media wouldnt report that (not fitting narrative).


        Where i am movie theaters should open end of this month, but then again, they’ve been saying they’ll open at the end of the month for the past 6 months 😑

        Last movie i saw in theaters was New Mutants when they miraculously opened for a couple weeks back in september 🤩

        I’m trying to hold out in the hopes of seeing Demon Slayer on the big screen, but i’m getting kinda desperate and have already found it good quality on streaming 👿


        The cinemas in the UK are going to be back open in a few days time but the one that I usually go to is moving closer to the town’s centre which shouldn’t be too bad.

        I’m not ashamed to say that the last film I saw was ‘Birds of Prey’😂. I wanted to watch Sonic but I didn’t want to sit in a room full of kids that weren’t going to sit still for nearly two hours🙄. Although I’m guessing that it was most likely full of people my age (in their early 30’s)😂


        Those in my province are CLOSED.

         THEATRE TEMPORARILY CLOSED – In accordance with orders from the Provincial Government, your local theatre is temporarily closed and will reopen as soon as we are able. We have already begun processing ticket refunds back to your original method of payment. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to welcoming you back soon.


        Theaters have been open here in Tennessee for a bit. Limited hours sadly


        been open for a long time but social distancing with seating


        Where i live they been open over a year lol
        yeah, with social distancing seats. but i rarely go… last movie i saw in there was Tenet, last year. nothing else caught my Imax appetite lol.

        The Green Knight trailer looks cool, but I dont know…
        Probably the next movie i will watch in imax will be The Batman, next year.


          @Hazu, when’s The Batman coming out? In the last trailer it said it was supposed to drop this october

          , what’s the last movie you saw in theaters?


            Sitting here reading the replies, from almost never shit-down to very limited moderation I have a question.

            Where are you from in the world and where does your “LOCAL” politicians sit on freedoms? Are they Liberty and Freedom leaning or Tyranny/Socialist leaning? Because it sure is speaking to me that the “Coouufff” is purely political. Which brings up the last question, Are you seriously going to trust them enough to get the “shot”?




            It’s next February. Or at least it is for us in the UK. I think it’s next Feb😂. I saw some of it being filmed last Feb in Glasgow and all I can say is that it looks great😍. Probably the only DC film I’m looking forward to in the near future.


            I wish the theatre was open. I don’t even need the snacks… just want to watch something on the big screen!


            None of my theatres are open and the last movie I saw was Sonic and that went by fast lol 😂😀

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