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    For the longest time I was a devoted Assassins Creed fan but due to personal reasons and signs of going woke, I haven’t played a new AC since Syndicate.

    That said I have a few questions about the last few games. Please offer any feedback for Origins, Odyssey, and Valhalla. I have two main areas of concern….

    How woke are they?

    Is it actually a good game?


    Origins: woke in the sense that the entire story basically cucks Bayek for Aya. In the beginning you think Bayek is going to be the founder of the Order, this ultimate badass, but it’s really the Aya show. The game no so subtly makes is canon that Aya is the true founder of the Order, and she is the bestest EVAR! If they had just made Aya the actual main character, I would have been fine with it, but what makes it insufferable is Bayek basically being a bitch the entire game and Aya is so great. In one of the DLC, after Bayek is supposed to be the baddest Assassin, he fucks up and Aya suddenly appears to save him from being crucified.

    The “present day” chick who is diving to be them is a woke piece of shit too.

    The game play and RPG aspects are great, the characters just suck and it kinda sours the story.


    Odyssey: Cassandra is supposed the be canonically the main character, so I played it as her. Cassie is a great character, and I have zero problems with her, because it’s believable based on the franchise lore. I’ve heard those who have played both Cassie and Alex note that the Alex version feels all wrong narrative wise, because it’s a well known fact that Ubisoft shoehorned in the option of him being the main character, because they were afraid people wouldn’t want to be Cassie…which is bullshit of course. Gamers don’t give a shit about that kind of thing. So basically I’m told playing as Alex feels wrong from a story telling perspective because the game was written to be Cassie’s story, and if you play it as Cassie it works just fine.

    Dumb “present day” chick is still there and annoying.

    Historical characters aside, however, many of the men Cassie comes across are kinda soy boys…and the freaking pirate queen chick is….omg so horrible.

    Game plays even better than Origins, more refined for controls and gear, especially with the gear set swap for however you want to deal with a situation, ie. full bruiser badass, stealth killing machine, or ranged god. Always helps to have each gear set ready for different situations.

    Overall, though, the game is very good. I stopped at the Fate of Atlantis DLC because I’d played both Origins and Odyssey back to back and got burned out b the time I reached it…still burned out, frankly.


    Valhalla: haven’t played it yet cuz of burn out and I want it on PS5 not PS4. Also, might as well wait until all DLC are out so I can get an all in one version. Friends tell me good things, though.


    The only one I’ve played is Odyssey but despite the gorgeous graphics, I feel like I’ve barely made any progress since I got it. I’m playing as Cassandra atm. I admit that I I was laughing at the beginning of the game when it showed basically ‘300’ to the point where I nearly missed the cut scene as I had to make sure that it WASN’T Gerald Butler in the game!


    Valhalla is low key woke, canon is that Eivor is female, even though the character is Odin reborn,  there are also the odd diverse Viking…which I don’t believe is very accurate correct me if I’m wrong, also numerous gay relationships in game which are hinted at. It feels like they are trying to force feed you it without shoving it down your throat.

    If that annoys the hell out you don’t even get me started on the combat, I miss the days when you were a skilled assassin where you had the ability to clear numerous enemies looking like a total fucking ninja, Valhalla is basically bash the hell out the button to slash your opponent about 10 times before they die and dodging their unstoppable attack.

    It’s an enjoyable game don’t get me wrong but the golden age of Assassin’s Creed is over.

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    I got put off ‘Assassins Creed: Valhalla’ because of UbiSoft bending the knee to clearly none-fans and none-gamers on Twatter that never played the games. If they’d had, they would’ve known that Assassins Creed was already a diverse franchise to begin with! Still, it’s hilarious watching the glitches that are in the game through various YouTube videos.

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