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    @Vknid I’m not talking about all religious people or all christians, in the same way you aren’t talking about all people on the left. You talk about the radical left, I talk about the actual bible thumpers who refuse to for example serve gay people in let’s say, a restaurant.

    If you think gay people are sinful etc but you treat them as normal people and think they should have all the same rights as any other person, then I have no problem with you except for just disagreeing with your fundamental thougth. Everyone has opinions about other people. I have opinions and questions about religious people but I don’t want them to have any less rights or anything. If they find courage and strength from the bible or whatever then good for them.

    But I think there is a big difference. Gay people cannot change what they are, and I think the most cowardly move is to go after someone who can not change that part of themselves. I am ofc not saying you shoud be allowed to bully people who are religious, but I think there is more reasons to question someone’s thoughts (belief/religion, political opinion etc) than something that cannot be changed (sexuality, gender, skin color, disabilities etc).

    From Wikipedia:


    I don’t know whether I’m what anyone would term a “free thinker” or not, nor does it really matter; however, what the Bible says does matter. If the God who created us has spoken to us, and if he has told us how we should and should not act, then that is a big deal.

    This is basically my point. I’m not much in a mood of an endless religious debate because we all know I can’t change your opinion and I doubt you can convince me. But I do question why people on the right (not all of them, and keep in mind I tip to the right on the political spectrum too, not as much as most people here though so I would not consider myself a leftist or commie or chinese spy as I have been called here by some people) are quick to question the media, politicians, scientists, health care, the government and emohasize a lot on being a free thinker and not just doing what they are told and speak about how they are all about ”facts, logic, evidence” while the leftists are only about ”I think, I feel, I believe” and other anecdotal evidence, yet the same people are the same ones who just gobble up what the Bible says and

    If the God who created us has spoken to us, and if he has told us how we should and should not act, then that is a big deal.

    like this. You would think it’s the other way around. Why don’t they question everything about religion? Just blind beliefs.


    But anyway, I don’t wanna start an argument about religion because no one has proven God’s existence nor that he doesn’t exist, and never will. But my question about the ”free thinking” is genuine and I would appreciate if someone who can relate to it could answer since I am genuinely curious and think it contradicts their statements. And no, I don’t have anything against religious people. You do you, as long as you don’t drag other people down. Same for everyone.


    FNT streams are so long, but they are so good. Can’t catch them all. In the latest one, they were talking about how in some of the latest X-Men stories, there is an implication that Jesus was a mutant. It was addressed at about 2:31:00 of the stream. Is this a blasphemous attack? Odin just kind of blew it off and did not really get into it much.


    Of course it is Blasphemous.

    To say Jesus Christ’s Devine Power did not come from God, is… satanic.




    Mentioned this to someone and they responded with saying it’s just more normal bigotry from the media occupiers. Went on to explain that every holiday, there is programming on TV along the same lines of the alleged truth and reality behind Jesus, but it’s really just gossip from the media occupier pervert class. One of my favorite broadcasters said yesterday that the Mutant X-men was an allegory for being gay. I cringed hard because I was a fan back in the day. Once there are overt displays I don’t want to see, I just stop reading and tune out and find something else. Pretty simple. Will say this though, the miracles of Jesus and Moses, Samson, David and others in the Bible are pretty cool. Great stories. Great powers.


    Marvel and DC has been recontextualizing mythology, creation beliefs, and both historical and legendary figures for the purposes of their worlds for decades now, and yet you’re surprised that as secularity progressed in all realms of life they eventually decide to do the same to Jesus?

    The surprising thing would be if they decided to include Islam in a recontextualized way.


    The attacks, bigotry and hatred are coming from people who kind of use the LGBTQ as cover.

    The R&B singer Ginuine was hit on by some trans.
    A trans tried to get physical with Ben Shapiro on a political panel.
    Don Lemon, like the staffers of Ellen DeGeneres, has been known to sexually abuse and sexually assault co-workers.
    Anderson Cooper, the gay, routinely lies to the public.
    The lez Rachel Maddow lies so bad that a judge had to rule her as an entertainer, so she is not news. She was appointed MSNBC director anyway.

    Then, you have the case in California, where gay Democrat Sen. Scott Weiner made it legal to infect other people with HIV blood. How is that anything but total hatred when you taint someone else’s blood supply with disease?

    A lot of hatred from that group of people out there and now, they are taking it to the kids at younger and younger ages. This is why I like people who stand up for themselves. The hatred is on their end.

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