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    I’ve been watching the development of Baldur’s Gate 3 and I’m still mixed on it.

    The character interactions look great to me, the scene with the Intellect Devourer deffinetly looked cool, I don’t care about the sexual content in the game as the real world is so obsessed with sex and gender i need to escape from it.

    But i can’t shake this feeling that it’s off somehow, all i can see is gameplay I’m not familiar with.

    I’ve never played Divinity Original Sin 2, I own Divinity 1 but i got bored in 20 minutes.

    It’s been confirmed that Wizards of the Coast have gone full woke and are messing with the races in D&D and i just can’t get on board with it.

    I wanna like this game and try out the early access but…i keep telling myself “this isn’t Baldur’s Gate”.

    I’ve been very negative about new games and it’s now affecting my enjoyment and escapism.


      After the devs have come out as racists yes I’m concerned.



      What did they say?


      More SJW pandering and it’s too bad, I actually had some interest in this game. Most Devs nowadays can’t launch a game right.


      Why can’t they just make a fun game with a good story?

      They need to get off Twitter and just do the work.


        They said they are disappointed that so many players are creating white male characters.


        Ahh yes I remember hearing that.

        I was hoping that the “journalist’s” were exaggerating but apparently not.

        For me in old D&D games I went Human Male for my first few characters but I eventually took a liking to playing an Elf Male, Cleric/Mage in BG 1&2 and Fighter/Wizard in NWN 1&2.

        They just need to give us options and stay the fuck out of it.


        Okay. I was going to pass on engaging in this discussion, but after a moment of reflection, I changed my mind.


        Read any of my post history in these forums, and you know I hate, abhor, and am purely disgusted by the SJW woke. It’s ruining everything and has destroyed so much of the entertainment landscape that even as recent as last night I was pondering if it’s possible to save it at all. I’m an aspiring writer, and after that story about Weis and Hickman suing WotC, having to deal with a god damned sensitivity editor…what the fuck? So as not to digress, let’s swing back to the main topic. I merely wanted to lay some foundation in case some of what I’m about to say is misconstrued.


        I’m going to assume by your avatar, you’ve got experience playing the old school titles. So I’m not about to preach at you that maybe BG 3 is not a game that is in your wheel house. Before I continue, at this time I have no plans to purchase BG 3. I just watched Marc the Cyborg’s G+G review of the BG 3 early access, and while my interest is more curious than it was say 6 months ago, I’m in no way sold until I see an solid take on the actual game. What I am going to do, now, is present a new perspective for you that may allow you to find a way to get excited for the game, because if I do choose to purchase it myself, this is how I am going to approach it.

        If this game is truly a “do as you please title” where “choices matter” then who gives a flying fuck what the devs spout off? I’m not someone who is easily capable of separating art from artist, but in something like this I kinda can for this reason. If a game has been created where you can do whatever you want, be whatever you want, act however you want, once the game is yours what can an SJW dev really do about it? So they whined about character creation…so? That is proof they cannot stop people from playing how they want to and embracing the escapism we all want so desperately. They can bitch and moan, but in the end they have produced a product where people can do whatever they want and cannot do a damn thing to stop us. This isn’t a case of Last of Us 2 where everyone was put on rails and forced to play the SJW agenda. If BG 3 appears to be a true “choices matter” game, then let the simps prattle on. We’ll play the game we the way we want to and enjoy it while ignoring them.

        Can you see what I’m saying? There is no doubt that all of our escapism is being attacked and destroyed, but when you are presented with a option that lets you play in your own way, despite the mewlings of some limp dicked SJWs, then in the end you win.

        When you can do something the way you want to, use it to your advantage in the face of the way the SJW’s want you to behave, then it’s a win for you.

        At least that’s how I see it.


        I actually thought about getting this game, I’m convinced this game isn’t Baldur’s Gate 3.

        I feel like it’s been marketed wrong, it’s not BG3… it’s Baldur’s Gate:(Insert Relevant Name Here).

        We had the hack and slash BG:Dark Alliance games which were no way connected to BG 1&2 style and I had no problem getting some enjoyment from those.

        If I can approach it with that mind set maybe I could enjoy it.

        I’ve heard from Clownfish TV that WOTC have been getting in sensitivity reader’s the whole idea seems pretty dumb to me, D&D doesn’t exclude or attack anyone it’s open to all.

        I’ve never looked at an Orc and seen a connection to any actual people, D&D isn’t a problem it’s WOTC that needs to clean house by the looks of it.


        First of all, thanks for watching my video (it didn’t do very well), second, I completely agree with your take and that’s how I approach the coverage I do on the channel.

        If politics infect the game and make it tough to ignore, then I address it in the video, but more often than not, I try to keep politics out of my game coverage, the way many in the Fandom Menace want politics out of games.

        The devs at Larian did appear to be joking to me when they said the community made boring characters and it was the Kotaku writer who used that as a springboard to write a garbage tier article – but the most important aspect about all of it, is that it is NEVER a problem during the actual game (or at least in the chapter which is playable at present).

        My much bigger warning flag for not buying BG3 right now if it interests you, is that it’s an early access build, which you can’t carry your progress over to 1.0 with. The plus side is that your feedback is integral to how the game will be developed over the course of the next year, but you are buying in to be a tester, not a player if you buy it right now.

        The safe bet is to wait a year or so for them to finish the game and see how everything shakes out from there, but just remember that if you demand that all content creators have the exact same politcal views that you do, without any consideration for the content they make, that makes you no better than SJW cancel culture people- it’s the same thing. There are certainly devs at Larian, and Rockstar, and CDPR and Id who don’t have the same politics that I do – I just don’t really give a shit, so long as they’re making good games.

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