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    This is a super personal post of mine:


    I was having a political discussion with my Mom, and she has said that Donald Trump is a racist, has called out numerous parties and races, and believes that Trump supporters are brainwashed, believe that they’re always right, and a part of a cult.


    I kid you not.


    And I brought up to her, “So you’re saying that since I support Donald Trump, I’m a brainwashed cultist? What a way to disrespect your own son. And I know I’m not always right.”

    And the night before Thanksgiving, too! 😢😭


      Sorry to here you’re having a tough time with your mom @McFrozenNuggets 😿

      I know what it’s like to be called a brainwashed cultist (and worse) by a parent/grandparent, and we aren’t even arguing over politics!

      I don’t know your mom, so i can’t judge what kind of person she is, but in my experience when these type of insults are thrown at me, the subject that’s being talked about has very little to do with it, it’s just an excuse to put me down ’cause they’re feeling shitty at the time, i’ve seen some of the pettiest behavior ever in my family 😓

      This might be some cliché advice, and a lot easier said than done, but try not to take the insults personally, chances are it has more to do with her than with you 😊

      And happy Thanks Giving 🍗 Don’t let her petty behavior ruin the day for you 😉


      Anyone who thinks Trump is racist is the one who fell for the brainwashing.

      he beat a rigged election; they tried to pin a peepee dossier on him that was bought by the losing party.


      Then they lied about everything that he said for 5 years. Im beyond giving a fuck what they think.


      Just remember that she likely does not know anything about Trump the man. Just ask her to watch some clips of Trump with you so she can point out how he is racists and all that. Bring up the Charlottesville speech were he says there are good people on both sides. Bring up his speech about calling the Mexican gang animals. Bring up the clips that the media loves to cut and edit so it sounds like Trump is a bad man.

      Best way to prove that she has been lied to by her friends or news shows is simply show her what really happened. Don’t belittle, insult, shame, etc her for being ignorant. That is a lefty tactic. Always remember ignorance is okay. They simply do not know. Willfully ignorant after being exposed though is not.


      It is always best to never talk politics with family/friends, unless you know they share the same values.

      The world has come to the stage where only those that believe the exact same as them, the rest are all brainwashed (be it left-wing or right-wing).


      So, if anyone claims President Trump is racist, you can always ask exactly when did he say such?  To whom?  Can we prove it directly without the media/celebrities claiming he is without proof?

      He has done more for all ethnic backgrounds in the US than an other President in recent memory.



      Trump did more for the minority citizen in 3 years than Ofucktard, W, & Billy did in 24. The entire time he was called racist by the same media pushing the Muh’Russia bullshit.


      I’ve tried to tell her that,  but she won’t listen. She just says “I don’t want to have this argument with you.”


        “I don’t want to have this argument with you.”

        That’s a phrase i’m all too familier with…


        Your mom needs serious help or be put out of her misery.

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        Easily the most tragic thing about the political division is families being torn apart – Which I think is one of the aims of an awful hyper-partisan media, considering certain outlets are telling people to excommunicate family members over politics (i.e. “if someone in your family voted for Trump, they are tacitly endorsing white supremacy”). This thankfully hasn’t happened in my family, despite our own disagreements: I’d like to think it’s because both my maternal and paternal grandparents were very morally grounded who raised their children to learn the difference between what seems important and what’s really important.

        There’s unfortunately very little you can do, no matter how much evidence you show – People are not rational or logical creatures, they’re emotional, and so they only respond to emotional arguments. You have to appeal to their sense of altruism and compassion for others the way the Left do: They have too much of a monopoly on the language of morality. But ultimately they have to make the decision to follow the truth on their own.



        Might wanna rephrase that, dude…


        I’m just kidding. But still, McFrozenNugget’s Mom needs her open mind and I really need to rephrase things alot. I’m sorry about that I’m just tired of the divide that media and the far-left made.

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        • This reply was modified 3 years, 7 months ago by VinzingerG.

        True. I think a big problem is everything is over-politicized. People take politics so hard that they can’t be friends with people with other opinions. It’s insane. The majority of the people I personally know are Biden supporters, but it is what it is. It’s their opinion.

        I think the biggest idiots are far left/right lunatics. People on the far left who feel disgusted about breathing the same air as someone who supports Trump because they are automatically racist, sexist, ___phobic etc.

        Same goes for people on the far right who accuse someone who supports Biden (or even Trump supporters who aren’t as far on the right as themselves and have the audacity to criticize Trump, like myself for example) automatically as communist SJW gay etc.

        It’s absolutely ridiculous how similar people on the far left and right are. The only difference is the slurs they use.


        “There are three things I’ve learned never to discuss with people. Religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.”

        – Linus, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966)

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