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    Vaccine mandate: Not just illegal, but also unworkable

    President Joe Biden’s decision to require large private employers to ensure their workers are vaccinated or tested for the coronavirus is problematic not just in terms of the Constitution, statutes, and liberty interests, but also highly impractical.

    As if reality ever got into the demented biden, or who ever is the puppet master behind it.

    Its impracticality also makes it potentially harmful economically.

    As if the current WH cares about the “actual” economy.

    They want to spend TRILLIONS of dollars with no real hope of paying for it.

    If the onus is on the businesses, what are businesses to do if employees refuse to comply? Fire them all? How will unions, or labor advocates in general, react to that?

    Not well.

    How will regulators react? Or trial lawyers? This rule is a recipe for lawsuits. Will businesses be caught in a bind — penalized for unvaccinated workers, but also charged with unfair labor practices if they evade the mandate by reducing payrolls below 100?

    Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    Will the Democrats who control Washington keep extending unemployment to workers who are let go because they refuse to comply? Will workers thus be economically protected while the businesses pay fines as a result of the workers’ own choices?

    Dems protect the un-jaxxed?  LOL  What a joke!  They will make it so that those let go because they refused the jab will get NOTHING in government support.

    Who will pay for the testing programs? The businesses already burdened by worker shortages and supply-chain dysfunction? The taxpayers, via even more dangerous levels of deficit spending?

    Slow down!  This all calls for a plan… when none is made.

    Overall, the mandate on employers, and the punishment against them for workers who freely choose to reject vaccines, will further exacerbate worker shortages already so severe that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is calling it a “crisis.” It will also add to the federal debt and to inflation. With the Biden economy already veering towards Jimmy Carter-style “stagflation,” this new mandate could tip the scales into full-blown economic disaster.

    And that might be exactly what they want.

    Destroy america from the inside.

    In sum, even if the order didn’t violate liberty in theory or the Constitution or current laws, it would still be fraught with hideous impracticality. This order ought to die a very, very swift death.

    Once again, as if the demented dems CARE.

    It has already been stated by them the HATE the constitution, as an outdated piece of paper.

    And if it was NOT for the constitution, the demented DEMS would have made the USA into a tyrannical dictatorship under communism a long time ago.  It might still happen if people let them continue on this path.


    In a desperate bid to get this drug into as many people as they can, and knowing it is a matter of time before their unconstitutional executive order (not yet signed/registered as official), they are doing this:

    Vaccine or test: Biden advances sweeping new mandates for private sector

    It’s likely to become President Joe Biden’s most hotly contested COVID policy yet: a sweeping nationwide safety standard for the American workplace that demands large businesses require their employees to either get the vaccine or test regularly.

    That is new.  Test regularly?

    The temporary emergency rule would apply to every U.S. private business that employs 100 workers or more — from grocery clerks to meatpacking plant employees — impacting some 80 million Americans.

    OH yay, that is for private businesses, and government employees/contractors they don’t get that option.

    How does this differ from past unlawful/unconstitutional mandates?

    It would be the first time Washington has set a federal standard that regards a respiratory virus as an occupational hazard outside of the health care sector, essentially putting COVID in the same category as other workplace safety concerns as asbestos and dangerous machinery.

    A workplace safety hazard?  Are they really that desperate to drug as many Americans as they can (while ignoring all those illegal aliens they are allowing into the nation without testing or confirmation of their jab status.)

    Details were expected to be released as early as Thursday on the rule, drafted by the Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA.

    Once again, using a government agency to do your dirty work, as something that would NEVER pass into law in Congress nor the Senate.

    It’s also unclear how long the temporary standard would be in place and if it would apply to short-term “gig” workers, like freelancers and Uber drivers, or smaller franchises that are part of nationwide chains, like small restaurants or gyms.

    Until court challenges overturn them, most likely.

    How employers will be expected to enforce the standard is another question mark.

    Yay, who pays for the test?  Employee, employer, state or federal government?  And how often must the testing happen?

    Once divided on how to address the pandemic, Republican governors have united against the plan, insisting it represents dangerous federal overreach and would cripple business owners already dealing with worker shortages.

    Alot of businesses, along with inflation and higher costs, can’t afford this extra expense.  Employee also can’t afford this extra expense to their already shrinking standard of living/cost of living.

    “We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin. And your refusal has cost all of us,” Biden said of unvaccinated Americans on Sept. 9…

    Because people are not willing to blindly follow “the most popular potus in ballot history” and his let’s go brandon agenda.




      He is to busy shitting himself to sign anything the SCOTUS will overturn….. They might do it faster than anything in history to avoid having ole poopy pants come to their court.


      The Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations will force the companies to require that unvaccinated workers test negative for COVID-19 at least once a week and wear a mask while in the workplace.

      And any other news?

      OSHA left open the possibility of expanding the requirement to smaller businesses.

      Damn Fascists!

      The requirements will not apply to people who work at home or outdoors.

      They most likely left that open until they can get as many people jabbed with this drug as they can first.

      Those measures, he said, have not led to mass firings or worker shortages…

      Yet!  But we have seen large number of people put on unpaid leave, which is the first step to mass FIRINGS!  and the worker shortages those will create.

      OSHA drafted the rules under emergency authority meant to protect workers from an imminent health hazard.

      And so long as their is a so-called “emergency”, they can create this mandates?

      OSHA’s parent agency, the Labor Department, says it is on sound legal footing. The department’s top legal official, Seema Nanda, said OSHA rules preempt conflicting state laws or orders, including those that bar employers from requiring vaccinations, testing or face masks.

      A definite overreach into other juristictions.

      Companies won’t be required to provide or pay for tests for unvaccinated workers…

      Just another financial attack on citizens of the us.  A dems Jizya in other words.



      Not so fast you facsists!

      U.S. federal appeals court freezes Biden’s vaccine rule for companies

      A U.S. federal appeals court issued a stay Saturday freezing the Biden administration’s efforts to require workers at U.S. companies with at least 100 employees be vaccinated against COVID-19 or be tested weekly, citing “grave statutory and constitutional” issues with the rule.


      The stay comes two days after the Biden administration unveiled the rule, which was immediately met with vows of legal action from Republican governors and others, who argued it overstepped the administration’s legal authority.

      They have to stop tyrannical takeover.  Glad it has been stayed.

      The two-page order directs the Biden administration to respond to the request for a permanent injunction against the rule by 5pm Monday.

      Now to make that stay permanent!


      Biden’s illegal vaccine mandate is about politics, not science

      President Biden appears to view Americans not as free citizens but as disobedient subjects. In September, he informed the millions of Americans who remain unvaccinated that “our patience is wearing thin.”

      Not disobedient subjects, but serfs to be commanded about to do their bidding.

      Congress empowered OSHA to protect employees from toxic substances or hazards in the workplace. But, here, the agency essentially defined employees themselves as the hazard. This greatly oversteps its authority.

      So long as no one complains, it is the activist/agenda driven bureaucrats (not congress) that makes the laws.

      OSHA has turned a workplace law into an ability to mandate medical procedures on any citizen, even when they’re not in the workplace, just because they have a job.


      The president is effectively telling the American people, “You can keep your job only if you do exactly as we say, even when not at work.”

      Just like any tyrannical dictator.

      Beyond that, this case is about the Constitution, which gives the federal government limited powers.

      But they want UN-limited power.

      OSHA’s overbroad mandate isn’t supported by substantial evidence because it isn’t entirely about reducing workplace risk. It is about the president imposing his will on the citizenry at large. This is a political motive, not a scientific one. And it fits a theme: Overreaching officials often label people who don’t comply as threats to society.

      A war on the American people.

      We must not let Americans be held hostage by bureaucrats set on massively expanding federal power over our lives. Nor can we ransom our freedom when COVID-19 may be with us for many years to come. It’s up to the courts to remind the administration that no government has the right to force people to choose between their freedom and their livelihood.

      But this is not just any government.

      It is the one whom got the most votes (ballots) of any other POTUS in history.

      And one who has the lowest approval rating, along with the lowest approval rating for any VP in history.

      No wonder they HATE the American citizen so much.



      Federal appeals court affirms stay on Biden vaccine mandate for businesses

      A federal appeals court has upheld its stay on President Biden’s vaccine-or-test mandate for companies with at least 100 employees.


      In a 22-page ruling on Friday, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit said the mandate was “fatally flawed,” and barred the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) from enforcing the mandate “pending adequate judicial review” of a motion for permanent injunction.

      Sadly, a permanent injunction will not stop the damaged the mandates some corporations have already forced upon their employees.

      In its ruling on Friday, the appeals court said the mandate, which applies to two out of three private-sector employees, “fails to consider what is perhaps the most salient fact of all: the ongoing threat of COVID-19 is more dangerous to some employees than to other employees.”

      And those working from HOME.

      “The Mandate is a one-size-fits-all sledgehammer that makes hardly any attempt to account for differences in workplaces (and workers) that have more than a little bearing on workers’ varying degrees of susceptibility to the supposedly ‘grave danger’ the Mandate purports to address,” the panel wrote.

      Why should they?  To them, workers are just SERFs to be used and abused.


      OSHA suspends enforcement of new employer vaccine rule

      The Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration said it is suspending its enforcement of the Biden administration’s new rules ordering larger employers to either require that their workers get vaccinated…

      Tis about time!

      Now it is a matter of those employees who were terminated because of this non-constitutional mandate to get their day in court/proper compensation.


      Judge blocks U.S. COVID-19 vaccine rule for health workers in 10 states

      A federal judge on Monday blocked in 10 states a Biden administration vaccine requirement, finding the agency that issued the rule mandating healthcare workers get vaccinated against the coronavirus likely exceeded its authority.

      Nothing new here.

      The ruling by U.S. District Judge Matthew Schelp in St. Louis prevents the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) from enforcing its vaccine mandate for healthcare workers until the court can hear legal challenges brought by the 10 states.

      So long as no one notices/complains, this is exactly how the dems run things.

      Republican state attorneys general sued the administration in early November over the CMS rule, seeking to block the requirement because they alleged it would worsen healthcare staffing shortages.

      But because they are in republican states, what does the current admin care.  The more hurt the better is how they rule the WH.

      On Nov. 4, CMS issued the interim final rule it said covers over 10 million people and applies to around 76,000 healthcare providers including hospitals, nursing homes and dialysis centers.

      By by-passing congress/senate these mandates are all UN-constitutional.

      Rule via activist agencies is NOT the way to do things.  And it is only right that such abuse of authority is STOPPED.


      And the WINS for the people continues!

      Judge issues nationwide injunction against Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors

      A federal judge on Tuesday issued a nationwide injunction against a vaccine mandate for federal contractors, ruling that President Joe Biden probably exceeded his authority by imposing the requirement.

      Horray for the workers and their rights!

      The judge wrote that allowing the rule to move forward “would force Plaintiffs to comply with the mandate, requiring them to make decisions which would significantly alter their ability to perform federal contract which is critical to their operations.”

      By having other those who obey the government without question being the only ones allowed to work for the government.

      “Abuse of power by the Biden administration has been stopped cold again. The rule of law has prevailed and liberty is protected,” (South Carolina Attorney General Alan) Wilson said.

      Once again, the bumbling biden admin/dems are trying to get around the constitution/rule of law to move their agenda.

      A representative for the Department of Justice did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the ruling.

      Asked about the judge’s order on Tuesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the DOJ will “vigorously defend this in court.”

      Boy has the DOJ become a political whipping boy for the dems.


      Federal judge blocks Pentagon from punishing Navy SEALs who refused COVID-19 vaccines on religious grounds

      US District Judge Reed O’Connor said the soldiers were within their rights to to request a religious exemption to vaccination and ordered a preliminary injunction to prevent the DOD from punishing them.

      “The Navy service members in this case seek to vindicate the very freedoms they have sacrificed so much to protect,” O’Connor wrote in the order.

      “The COVID-19 pandemic provides the government no license to abrogate those freedoms. There is no COVID-19 exception to the First Amendment. There is no military exclusion from our Constitution.”

      And yet…

      …the Navy has so far approved none of the 3,247 requests for religious exemption from the vaccine…

      Most likely because they have NO intention of doing so.

      Of the 35 SEALs represented in the suit, 19 had requests for a religious exemption denied by the Navy, O’Connor wrote, adding that the Navy does not respect religious exemptions.

      “The Navy has not granted a religious exemption to any vaccine in recent memory,” O’Connor wrote. “It merely rubber stamps each denial.”

      O’Connor also said that the threat of 35 unvaccinated SEALs to the safety of the Navy was not sufficient, as most other personnel were vaccinated.

      “The Plaintiffs’ loss of religious liberties outweighs any forthcoming harm to the Navy. Even the direst circumstances cannot justify the loss of constitutional rights. Fortunately, the future does not look so dire. Nearly 100% of the Navy has been vaccinated,” he said.

      The left HATE religion, and anything they can do to punish religion and those who practice their religion is an enemy to their agenda of a Godless state worship.

      And this after last week 206 marines were dismissed for refusing the jab.


      Mayo Clinic fires 700 unvaccinated employees

      The Mayo Clinic announced Wednesday that it had fired 700 unvaccinated employees the previous day…

      How sad.

      These employees… make up around 1 percent of the Mayo Clinic’s 73,000-strong workforce. They were fired after missing a deadline to either obtain a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine or obtain a religious or medical exemption by Monday.

      And since we had seen how so many places view religious believes…

      …podcast host Liz Wheeler also stuck up for the fired healthcare workers. “Do not say one word about hospital staffing crises when the Mayo Clinic just fired 700 workers for being unvaxxed,”…

      Oh, we KNOW they will cry and pout.  We need more medical professionals!  We need more funding!  We need we need we need!

      Former NBCUniversal executive Mike Sington… express a very different view. “Good, keep it up, keep firing them,” he wrote. “Ban the unvaccinated from their jobs, from public places. They can sit in their homes alone…”

      Segregation.  Apartheid.  Hatred.  Intolerant.  This is the modern left.

      They are attacking your rights and freedoms.

      And court case after court cases have ruled these mandates are unconstitutional… but what is that to the left lunatics.

      Law and order is second to their lust for power and authority.


      When I commented on a post someone shared about his 01/06 speech I got a 12 hour Twitter ban, and had to delete my opinion from Twitter. Talk about censorship.


      Only “correct think” is allowed.

      That is what the CCP is doing, and that is what their puppets in the us are doing, and they are using “private” corporations to help eliminate free speech and truth.


      Air Force can’t compel Christian officer to get Covid shot, judge rules

      A federal judge in Georgia has temporarily blocked the U.S. military from enforcing its Covid-19 vaccine mandate against an Air Force officer seeking a religious exemption.

      About time.

      Self noted that the Air Force has rejected 99.76 percent of all religious accommodation requests. It had denied all of them up until the last two weeks when it approved nine, he said.

      “With such a marked record disfavoring religious accommodation requests, the Court easily finds that the Air Force’s process to protect religious rights is both illusory and insincere,” he wrote. “In short, it’s just ‘theater.’”

      Biased is the Air Force, and the military in general, when it comes to religious accommodations.  If you don’t follow the cult/sjw/woke agenda (state religion), then you have no religion.

      An Air Force spokesperson said the service is “aware of the preliminary injunction and will abide by the Court’s Order until the matter is legally resolved.”

      The Air Force issued a final denial of her request for religious accommodation in December.

      ie. Until they can get it overturned and they can force another person out of the service for “wrong think”.

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