[BIG NEWS] FNT with guest Alex Jones 2021-09-10

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    As was announced by G&G today.

    Alex Jones will be the special guest star on Friday Night Tights Sept.10th, 2021.

    Gary even declared the show will start an hour early and WILL start on time!


    Truly a historic FNT.



    It was the only logical conclusion last night.

    When I woke up this morning, having let it simmer, it was the only one that made sense from the clips on that stream last night.

    Now…will he eat that ass?


    The voice of a generation. Maybe the biggest historical figure in global media? When people do impressions these days, it’s of him and not, like, Pacino or Sly or Arnold, instead, it’s the Alex Jones impression everyone does. He’s the man who beat media, beat comedy, beat radio, and beat Hollywood with his antics and broadcasting skills and humor. Also, whether it was George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, Bill Hicks, and who else? Howard Stern? Who were the rebellious figures of free speech in the bygone era? Morton Downy Jr.? Alex Jones was the only guy who ever really brought narrative challenging energy every single day on his show since like the mid-90s? Also, anyone who ever posed as a rebel sold out long ago, every rock star and ever so-called free spirit. They all went on to some kind of globalist Hollywood career. When the only one who even challenges the coof over your lifetime as an entertainment figure is Eric Clapton, and everyone else is silent, there is something severely wrong. It makes you realize that Alex Jones is the underground railroad of InfoTainment and everything else was a lie. Nothing you see is real. The figures you thought were real human beings turned out not to be and completely went along with the lockdown and the cattle cars.


    There were some warnings that came with the appearance in the comments. I am a big fan of Alex, but this will be interesting.


      I am sure it will be epic. Alex Jones is equal parts entertainer and modern day Oracle.

      You just have to understand how to take him and if you do you can learn a lot and have a good time doing it.

      At the very least he is a interesting cat for sure.


      Sjws will try to nuke the stream, we gotta be ready.


      What time?
      What time is FNT PST? 5pm?


      What hour?


      I hope he runs with the “i’m not associated with geeks and gamers.”. That way he and Zack are the same and can thus be categorized together, that would be hilarious.

      SJW’s would totally use it as a non-joke though “not even Alex Jones wants to be associated with them, they’re too extreme!” lol



      Show starts at special time 1:30pm PST

      That is very early afternoon! 5 hours away.

      Show starts at special time 1:30pm PST


      TONIGHT: Alex Jones On With Geeks + Gamers And Nerdrotic? WHAT?
      Show starts at special time 1:30pm PST

      Jon Del Arroz

      Show starts at special time 1:30pm PST


      I started watching Collider Movie Talk back when it was called AMC Movie Talk probably as early as I want to say 2013. But long story short, I’ve since migrated to a new home being Geeks + Gamers, Nerdrotic, Doom Cock, the entire Fandom Menace crew, and that probably started around 2018.


      I started listening to Alex Jones at least by 2016 at the latest and I have a lot to say about all the things I’ve been learning these past five years. I’m currently writing a series of articles outlining the life and biography of Alex Jones who is not Bill Hicks. There are some conspiracy theories that are insane like that one for example but Bill Hicks was a different kind of man. But nonetheless, I try to keep an open mind. If somebody could prove to me that those 2 people are the same person, I’m all ears but I doubt it. And some conspiracy theories are true. And fake news and others can always mix truth with lies to confuse people. And there are so many lies and fake news about Alex Jones meaning too many people end up believing lies about Alex. I can write all day about all of this and I do actually. But I’ll try to stop for now.

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      @joeyarnoldvn Just wish there were more Info-Tainers like Alex. Every voice is important now that we are so ruled by fear and control.

      Less than ten minutes until liftoff


      Link to LIVE SHOW

      Friday Night Tights with @TheQuartering
      and Alex Jones!

      and @HAWTToys

      w/ @GeeksGamersCom

      is GOING LIVE Down pointing backhand index


      I am struggling to post videos on this website. There might be a word limit or a video limit or not sure. I wanted to share hundreds of videos here. Maybe the post was too long and that is why it was rejected. Here is a smaller version with only a few of those videos as follows.




      There was a famous contest in 2017 for the Alex Jones Folk Song, AKA the We Love Our Somalis Song, so dozens if not hundreds of people created covers to the video, there are many versions, some of them may no longer be on YouTube and you may have to find them on Bitchute, Brighteon, Rumble, Odysee, Dlive, Dtube, other video websites. Here are a few of my most favorite versions from that 2017 contest. But there are many more you can find online. But the following might be some of the top music video covers, some are remixed. Some of them are rap versions of the song, etc, etc. There are too many of these videos to list here. But here are only a few as follows.




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