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    Okay first off, I am not a troll or any of that crap. That said…

    Is there anyone else who hated Breath of the Wild?

    I saw all the rave reviews from both gamers and journalists, so I was expecting a truly amazing game. I knew the game was truly open world, but I did not expect a Zelda game like this.

    I don’t like the weapon and shield durability system (at least in skyward sword you could get things fixed).

    I don’t like the lack of Temples. I found the shrines repetitive and dull, and the Devine Beasts were brief and half hearted.

    Calamity Gannon had no real character depth and when the battle was over I did not feel a sense of accomplishment like previous Zelda titles.

    I know that Zelda needed to evolve but I think they changed way too many things in one game. If they want to create an open world game, more power to them but they shouldn’t take away the temples which one of the most iconic aspects of the series.

    And finally it’s been a while since I played it but I don’t recall seeing the triforce or it being mentioned at all.


    I don’t like the weapon and shield durability system (at least in skyward sword you could get things fixed).

    To be fair, you technically can repair your weapons and shields if you find an Octorok. Let it suck up your weapon/shield and it’ll spit it out repaired. The same goes for rusted weapons.

    I have heard several people talk about how they didn’t really enjoy BOTW cause of how much they had changed. I personally loved it, but I can understand how vast of a change from their normal entries could sort of turn off long time players. Perhaps they’ll bring back the temples in BOTW2, while keeping the shrines as well. I always felt that the shrines were a way to prepare you for some bigger fights while keeping you challenged with the puzzles.



    I liked it but it’s not on my Top 5 of Zelda games and I kinda hope the next one goes back to the typical Dungeon system of older Zelda games, I really missed those in BotW, the Giants are not a good replacement.


    BotW is my favorite Zelda game since the original 8-bit epic.


    Top 5 Zelda for me, but I do hope that the sequel incorporates far more facets of the preceding titles into the gameplay.


    Get what you are saying but its good game got it fore my birthday recently never found my self whiteout weapons even thou yes they break to easily don’t relay care abut story at all witch is weary strange fore me but love the gameplay and feel of it just being there is lot of fun but yest game is over hyped but most games which have strong fanbase are



    So I have gone back and played BOTW again and I’ve probably put about 15 hours into it so far. I have the master sword and have cleansed two devine beasts. I wanted to look at thing from a fresh perspective and my viewpoint has changed a little bit.

    – I still think devine beasts are a poor substitute for temples
    – The durability system isn’t as bad as I remember but I it could be improved… maybe a durability rating system or “health percentage”
    – Shrines are okay but I wish they were supplemental to temples
    – No Fi, Midna, Navi, ect to offer hints is disappointing
    – I wish rupies were more abundant. Gemstones fetch a nice price but I miss cutting the grass for rupies.
    – Fairies run away when you see them

    I’m enjoying the game in my second playthrough… more so than I thought I would but I’m hoping that BOTW 2 brings back some of the more familiar aspects of Zelda.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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