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      Best thing is to not give these people money.


      @Loken you have to understand that they are destroying all the franchises just to make sure that they get those precious propaganda points.


      Hi mrbidwell

      I understand and honestly it breaks my heart but I’ve decided not to rise to it and I definitely won’t be spending my money on something that doesn’t interest me.

      In the end it’ll hurt the companies alot more than it’ll hurt me and the longer they let things like this happen, the more they’ll have to do to make up for it.

      This is just my opinion by the way, I fully understand. I still have a rant everytime someone mentions game of thrones! You have no idea how close I came to taking a s**t in a box and sending it to HBO!


      As a homosexual, I had no problem as a child seeing something of myself in the struggle for acceptance depicted in the X-Men. At no point did I wonder “Why aren’t these heroes gay?”

      Culture has become very literal minded. Instead of reading interesting things into comic books and movies, people are angry if their ideas are not literally “represented” as if its a personal affront. This means that artists and writers do not bother to write subtext anymore. Consequently, culture has seriously declined. Queers used to be the vanguard of culture, because we had to think in a more advanced way to get our message across. The present situation proves that when something is normalized, when the risks are removed, even LGBTQ people can become as entitled and stupid as straight people.

      It’s very sad to see, and society is suffering a great deal because of it.

      There is a great deal to be said about the closet, and personally I do not find the ‘freedom’ offered by the feminist LGBTQ community to be freedom at all. No, I don’t want or need a gay Captain America.


      @Loken I understand your impulse for Game  of Thrones, I’m actually listening to the books in Audiobook format, I’m enjoying them quite a bit.

      Weird thing about thing about a Gay Captain America: even if they had the best of intentions and they wanted to make a story about a character overcoming some obstacles he faces because of his homosexuality, the west is really not homophobic. Yes, there are pockets or instances of homophobia, but the vast majority of people are ok with it. Using the fact that the character is gay in an evil homophobic world, is kind of a false narrative.


    Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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