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    If that was the case he would have had one in the final film. Oh thats right bitch aint mentioned. Cause she dont exist.


    People who cant read like that canon violation.

    Yea I said it.


    I think that those are two separate examples. The Nazis were some of the first to outlaw smoking, but we don’t view anti-smoking as related to Nazism. There’s a difference between guilt by association (not buying a car or drink made in Nazi Germany) and attacking your consumer base.



      In the case of the comic store example, I would just buy the same product from someone else, if I wanted it badly enough, unless the store had exclusive rights.   Fortunately, Dave Filoni isn’t physically on site every time people consume products he helped create.


      True, however I think the acknowledgement you’d choose to shop elsewhere is what Az, Gary, and I have been trying to get at. It’s one thing to post stuff about your political views, it’s entirely another when the fanbase you were placed in charge of pleasing with a good product turns around and insults that established fanbase. In a way Star Wars is an exclusive brand and with the movies on hold indefinitely, he’s the one making the primary Star Wars content.


        Fortunately, people can buy his products without looking at him or listening to him, which was my point about buying the same product someplace else. Dave Filoni isn’t the product. He is entirely avoidable, and I would even say, speaking only for myself, dismissable — and that’s probably just a matter of personal choice.


        Star Wars had just produced three of the most disappointing and poorly received episodes in franchise history, and yet, had it been announced in 2005, the same audience would have gladly paid to see Lucas’ sequel trilogy opening night in theaters.  What changed between then and now?

        Disservice is not equal to disrespect.


        If the sequels were started in 07 we would have gotten EU content or something that didnt shit on the EU content.

        that is the difference.

      Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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