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    Do you all like how the media is always reporting “new cases”, “new death”, world-wide cases and world-wide deaths.

    Yet, they will not report on “recovered – active cases”.

    Nor break it down to how many people per 100,000..


    For example, where I live, my province has as of writing:

    Total Cases: 12,748

    Total Deaths: 230


    Looking deeper we get:

    Recovered: 11,374

    Total Active Cases: 1,374

    Total Tests: 697,546

    Population: 4,428,247.


    Just over 0.025% of the population has recovered from covid, or 257 out of every 100,000 people.

    Or better yet, just over 89% of those who got covid has recovered so far, or 89,222 out of every 100,000 people.

    Just over 0.03% of the population currently has covid, or 31 out of every 100,000 people.

    Just over 15% of the population has been tested, or 15,752 out of every 100,000 people.

    Just over 0.005% of the population has died from covid, or 5 out of every 100,000 people.


    Now if we compare those with other things:  death by suicide, death by homicide/murder, can you guess which comes up as worse?


    New Zealand is on total lockdown over 4 cases in total and no deaths. In one state here in Australia the police use drones to monitor whether or not someone is outside without a “valid reason” and whether or not people are wearing masks etc. They’re talking about permanently using that technology for surveillance of the public even after COVID.


    On average between 2000-2007, 13.13 out of 100,000 died by suicide where I live.

    In 2019, 13.2 out of 100,000 died, or over 500 people took their live where I live.

    Something else to consider:


    …every one per cent increase in unemployment, there is a corresponding 0.79 per cent spike in suicide, according to research.

    Now add in a pandemic, and those numbers are even higher. But the media cares not for suicides.


    To be fair, studies show that talking about suicide increases suicides – that’s why they don’t talk about it. It gives people the idea to do it and it makes them feel like it’s more of a normal thing. I’ve lived in Japan where it was a weekly occurrence that a train would be delayed that I was riding because someone on that line leaped onto the train tracks to kill themselves, and the news and the media would never mention that. They’d feature a 10 minute story on the news about an elderly woman getting her purse stolen, but they never discuss suicides. I sure hope that the lords of destiny in the government are giving these things a thought though doesn’t look like it.


    I think it was Rush who said that someone pointed out to him how the news reports went from reported Covid death to Covid cases, because the stats about death were becoming too small to keep the fear going.

    That’s what some states are basing their continuing closures and mask-dates upon–oh, there’ve been X new cases, we need to keep bars closed and make sure everyone in every little nowhere corner of the state wears a mask when they go to the dollar store.

    Anything to keep people in a panic, because as long as they are afraid, they’re not going to be angry with those in charge who are taking their rights and freedoms away.


    The one stat I could not find was how many false-positives have there been.

    Rarely do they announce a reduction in the numbers due to….

    It is always…

    Total new cases of…

    World Wide totals infections of…

    Total deaths world wide is…

    Those number keep going up, as it is a cumulative number, so it looks worse each day.


    If they instead reported “Total ACTIVE cases of covid…” that number would be pretty flat, IMO.

    I also have to ask, if one does test positive, and then a week later a follow-up test also comes back positive, do they could that as TWO cases?

    Hey, two tests, two positives, two more to add to the total.


    Don’t Look Now But COVID-19 Cases Are Dropping

    Florida is reporting the lowest number of cases since mid-June: 2,760. We’re on the way down. People are starting to talk about herd immunity in New York now with the number of cases there. I mean, it’s been devastating — and the number of seasoned citizens that died at the hand of Andrew Cuomo with over the moon, over the top, but still, there are stories that you can find: Has herd immunity taken hold in New York?

    ‘Cause the number of new cases is microscopically small. Now, here’s the story from Franklin Templeton. “On average, Americans believe that people 55 and older account for just over half of the total of COVID-19 deaths. The actual figure is 92%.” So 92% of COVID-19 deaths have occurred in people over the age of 55. “Americans believe that people 44 and younger account for 30% of total deaths. The actual figure is 2.7%.”

    That’s a huge disparity. Why do Americans believe this BS? Because this is what they think the media’s telling them. As the media reports case numbers and then with a full-fledged panic over the case number, that must mean it’s the number of people that are gonna day, Mabel! “Americans overestimate the risk of death from COVID-19 for people aged 24 and younger by a factor of 50.”

    They think the risk for people 65 and older is half of what it actually is. It’s 40% versus 80%. So the vulnerable group is 55 and older. For people 44 and younger, the death rate is 2.7%. The American people think it’s 30% in this research survey. It’s a classic, classic example of how the Drive-By Media seemingly so easily distorts and misinforms people on the basics.


    Time for an update on this:


    For example, where I live, my province has as of writing:

    Total Cases: 24.261

    Total Deaths: 300


    Looking deeper we get:

    Recovered: 20,310

    Total Active Cases: 1,374

    Total Tests: 1,697,849

    Population: 4,428,247.


    Just over 0.046% of the population has recovered from covid, or 459 out of every 100,000 people.

    Or better yet, just over 84% of those who got covid has recovered so far, or 83,715 out of every 100,000 people.

    Just over 0.089% of the population currently has covid, or 89 out of every 100,000 people.

    Just over 38% of the population has been tested, or 38,341 out of every 100,000 people.

    Just over 0.0067% of the population has died from covid, or 7 out of every 100,000 people.


    And the media is still talking gloom and doom.


    Oh, and this.

    There are 112 in our hospitals, with 14 of those in the ICU.

    This in 106 acute care hospitals with 8,515 acute care beds, with 272 ICU beds (normally) with as many as 1,081 ICU beds made available if necessary.



    So 0.05% of the ICU beds are in use…

    Remind me again why Im supposed to be scared? Oh thats right fear elects Communists.


    I don’t know what the conditions/stats on in the states are.

    Just that were I live, the non-lack of beds/ICU units, and the media’s fear, just does not add up.

    Even so, we just had the most single day new cases since it began, and the number above and that the media are calling for a second lockdown, does not make any sense.


    Reports just today, the influenza shots where I live have been available for the last 10 days.

    During that time, almost 600,000 people have taken the shots.

    That is about 14% of the population.

    Last year, only 1/3 of the population got the shot.  (approx 1.4 million people).


    If we see the same level of cases this year as last year, that will tell me hand washing, sanitizers, masks, social distancing is of complete uselessness, since so many are doing that now because of the Woo Hoo Virus.



    Im reasonably sure that flu cases have been added to the WuFlu cases to make Trump look bad.

    This is the year when all other forms of ‘natural causes’ have taken a break.


    The medical “experts” here have stated in the last few days, that even though we have recorded the most single day new cases on covid since the first case, the single most active cases since the first case, etc, they are not near wanting to talk about a second lockdown.


    The reason, our hospitals still have lots of room, in both beds and in the ICU.


    I don’t know if I should congratulate them on not making a scare-tactic judgement, or if they are playing with fire.

    Sure they have limited social contacts (family meals/parties/etc.)

    At the same time more and more companies are announcing layoffs.


    Hope 2020 will be over soon.


    The so-called medical expects up here are calling for a “circuit-breaker” style lockdown to happen.


    It is a lockdown of a specific length of time, usually two-weeks, while some places like Northern Ireland mandated it as four-weeks there.


    So going into the Christmas shopping season, if the elitists/globalists want to crush all small businesses, doing this in December where most small businesses will either make money (profit) for the year or lose money (and close in the near year) is exactly what they want to happen.

    Then only their big globalist corporations (and the few e-commerce businesses that was able to transition) will survive.

    It is very sad time indeed.

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