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    That was 3 years ago. Dave still gave us the best Star Wars content. He’s still the next George Lucas. As long as he understands Star Wars and knows how to give us good content, he’s still got a chance to replace KK and fix Star Wars.


    For me, actions speak louder than words. As long as the product that he gives us is good, I don’t care how much of KK’s rhetoric he spews to groups. He could walk into her office and kneel down on a light pad, for all I care, as long as the stories we get are good and are in the spirit of Star Wars.

    I think Dave knows what is at stake, the future of Star Wars and that he’s just playing the game in order to keep his job and be the last connection to George Lucas  that this current era of Star Wars has. Right now it’s pretty much Kennedy vs Favreau with Filoni in the middle. At any time, Kennedy could fire Filoni and that would be the complete end of Star Wars but as long as Filoni is there, there is hope. Filoni has all the knowledge that Lucas passed on to him and Favreau is using that knowledge as well as George himself to improve the image of Star Wars. Filoni will do what he has to, will say what he has to, in order to remain at Lucasfilm. If by some miracle Kennedy is let go, then Filoni and Favreau will be able to lead us into a new era of Star Wars. If Favreau is let go but Dave remains, he could still manage to save some aspects of what made Star Wars great. If Dave is let go, it’ll be all out war between Kennedy and Favreau and we all know who the Disney execs will side with.

    At least, this is my point of view of everything.


    It really all depends on if those at the top put the actual brand before wokness that eveyone seems to be addicted too especially with recent events. That shit will have to calm down. You can’t even say All Lives Matter without getting canceled.


    Not to mention that this speech took place before TLJ came out and a lot has happened since then. Yeah I’m sure he had some input on what happened somewhere in TLJ meetings with Rian, because he has talked about that. But I’m sure after he got George’s opinions on the film he was awakened to how awful it really was.


    I understand your point of view for the most part, but let’s not forget it was George that created The Clone Wars and had massive input into every story. At the end of the day, George Lucas had final say over the Canon story, not an EU writer. His Rebels choices I can’t defend other than the Rex in ROTJ one. I actually really like that change since no one really knows anything about Nick Sant. This immediately gives him character. Even his EU name was a joke about Santa.


    I actually did see this clip in 2017 and didn’t think anything of it. I really don’t know why everyone got so offended over what he said. Were there people that got upset over multiple female leads in Star Wars? Maybe, maybe not. I wasn’t one of them so I wasn’t upset with his comments. At the end of the day, he was at a women’s conference and he  said what they wanted to hear. As long as this doesn’t go into his product it doesn’t matter to me.


    Those are the most important words: a woman’s conference. I wouldn’t worry about it until it bleeds into his shows. And so far it hasn’t, so I still have faith.


    I think Dave Filoni has way too much Soy in him to stand up to KK but he is a bit flip floppy which makes me think he’s trying to stay on everyone’s good side… only problem with that is you cannot serve 2 masters…


    I just saw a new clip of Filoni and I don’t know what to think of it.


    Hearing Filoni genuinely talk about star wars….you know he has it….and he’s proven he always checks in with George Lucas…..he holds him so high he calls his staff to pass on any “George said he liked your stuff” i meannn idk lots of things.


    Hes just playing the game i think…..i mean picture yourself in his shoes…..and loving star wars so much…..inside a toxic canceling environment lol.

    If Filoni ever does a 180…..its going to be because of a new evil sith Wife or partner who manipulates him into what we fear most as Star Wars Fans lol.

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    Nick Saint served on Kashyyk with the clone regiment there. He would have been on the ground in the front lines during the fight. That is canon. People who can read knew this for 20 years.


    I would love to hear where you got that he served on Kashyyyk, I honestly haven’t heard that, but even if that’s true is it really that big of a deal to change him? It doesn’t change anything other than the minimal backstory of a man you see three times in ROTJ that has no lines. But those that do watch The Clone Wars and Rebels get to see a beloved character in the movies as well. There are way worse things Disney Star Wars has done to get upset over.


    He’s an oddball male feminist, I won’t call him a man the way he acts . Rebels was bi-polar and schizophrenic all together. TCW was hit and miss.  Bad Batch arc was meh plus we’ve seen it already, but the Martez Sisters and Ahsoka episodes of TCW Season 7 were really horrible. Aside from Maul’s small cameo at the end of episode 8, it was lame. But its curious George handed him the keys sadly .


    I gave this to itchybacca a while back, Filoni was intent on ruining Luke Skywalker and promoting women(women general, Leia over Luke and yep Rey).


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    Previous post has a text capture from Pablo the cunt. That bitch can go fuck himself too. He was put in charge of maintaining continuity back during the Prequel era; yet hes on the record as far back as 2005 stating the EU was too huge and needed to be nuked to keep it all straight.

    Fuck that. Anyone in that position who says shit like that should have been fired instantly.

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