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    Okay… so a’lot of YTers have been shitting on Dave Filoni because of some shit he said when he was asked to speak at some feminist convention. People are using this as evidence that he is “impure” or somehow just as woke as JJ, Rian, and KK. I respectfully disagree with these assertions but I don’t blame people for making them. We all see what Hollywood does to people and how much of your soul you have to sell just to stay in the good graces of the gate keepers.  But honestly… I think Filoni still has his soul. Does he need to play a part, keep his mouth shut, exaggerate his own options so their in line with KK’s so she doesn’t sack him? You bet thats going on. Lucasfilm does read online chatter and they know people have said Filoni should have a bigger role in Star Wars because everyone else projects pale in comparison to his. Even Jedi Fallen Order borrowed heavily from Rebels to its benefit.  Lets see how season 2 of Mando goes before we right him off as a traitor. People forget Lucas himself is a democrat though I believe more of a traditional breed that understands the important of spirituality and history.


    I think he was just looking to get laid at this convention.


      Filoni has been a target for EU fans for a while, justifiably so from their point of view. Now it seem like most fans are joining that movement. That’s totally fine

      I criticized him a lot in the early episodes of S7 of the Clone Wars because I felt it was needed and if there are new situations that happen I will criticize him more. But looking at his entire body of work, like Luke in Return of the Jedi, I still see good in him. I see a lot of good in him

      Until his actual work reflects that of the sequel trilogy I will continue to support him overall


      Over these past couple of days, I’ve noticed more people like you Jeremy, where they are saying that as long as he keep his personal politics out of the content he makes, then they won’t necessarily have a problem with him. S7 of CW had very small hints of him being an SJW, but the entirety of S7 (except episodes 5-8) was ok.


        At this point he’s the last hope we have for Star Wars. The concerns people have about him are valid but the defense of him is valid too


        If I would’ve seen that video of him back when it was released a few years ago, I would’ve been skeptical.  But, we know what he’s created since then, and I’ve loved every bit of it overall.  I know some don’t like Rebels, but I really liked it overall, and the high points of Rebels are some of my favorite moments in Star Wars.


        I 100% agree, if he isn’t then that will break my heart because Star Wars will then die.


          This is exactly how I feel about that situation


          Hi Jeremy I’m coming to Pensacola Florida


          Dave making that little statement in 2016 is just further evidence that the attack on manhood & the male characters in Star Wars was a planned attack.

          I personally have zero time for the mainstream, Star Wars is Dead and I hope some creators within the Fandom Menace replace it (like Comic fans do in CG) so that FM creations inspired by Star Wars can be supported instead of Disney Star Wars getting the fans money while name-calling us & spitting on the male fans specifically.


          I absolutely agree Jeremy. And I know he respects Luke Skywalker because if you watch the Mando doc he explains the dynamic between Anakin and Luke and how the entire series comes to together in that throne room. The son redeeming the father.


          I have hope for Dave, with John Favro I think he’ll be pointed in the right direction. Gotta say though, was very disappointed when I saw the video of him today at the Women’s convention : (



          I absolutely agree.


          Filoni is the only one after Lucas who really understands star wars.


          I dont agree with anything Cowgirl dave has done. The massive wake of retcons he has following him have pissed me off since his shitty cartoon turned up on the movie theater screen in 08(?) Ive never treated anything he has done as canon as it invalidated the work of his betters who came before. Seriously find a copy of the Karen Travis clone war books and learn why the EU fans hated the changes to the lore he created.

          Hes also got this insufferable inability to let shit die – Assoka. Brought back true EU fan favorites; IE Thrawn, then cucked him to the point that the thing seen on screen is not what was delivered in print. The real Thrawn would have destroyed the idiots he was saddled with in that cartoon for their incompetence. Complete inability to stick to known lore – Twileks and humans are not genetically compatible even if the parts fit. That was why Twileks were the race most sought after as sex slaves; they were incapable of being impregnated by any other race. Then on top of that he tried to make an existing character from the films into one of his pet characters – Nick Saint is not Rex.

          Honestly the video clip is not surprising. This is how he has always come off to the EU fans. It just exposed him to the rest of ya.

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