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IF REY’S HERO’S JOURNEY WAS REVEALED TO BE FROM THE ANTAGONIST PERSPECTIVE, making Hero to Villain & Villain to Hero by the end of it. What if? 7 seeds of Darth Sidious aka Sheev Palpatine were created during the original trilogy & kept by the Emperor’s Royal Guards in an act of secrecy, to which …

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What if? The largest energy supplier is formed as a result of the events in INCEPTION. That energy company helps lead to innovations that create the technology enabling space travel through a wormhole in INTERSTELLAR. And the world that exists after the events of Interstellar enables the inversion of events that unfold in TENET.   …

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Star Wars: War on Terror   Premise: an insurgency War on Tatooine & Jakku.   Characters:   United Stormtrooper Alliance aka USA alliance vs. Jedi rebel extremists   Scenes:   • Jedi attacks in towns throughout the planet regions of Tatooine.   • Allied forces are in heavy melee/shootouts, which are waged throughout urban territories …

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