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    After being a long time console gamer, I finally built my own gaming rig. Over time, I’ve transferred to almost exclusively gaming on PC and never looked back.


    Yeah, no.

    I like to buy a cool looking brick that plugs into my TV and low and behold ….. plays games. While PC gaming is slightly easier than it used to be, the claims that it’s just as easy as console gaming are about as legit a CHAZ warlord.

    There is of course the very real fact that high spec PC’s stuff is still graphically better than what you can get on a console ….. but I’m in it for the games, not what colour of beige the material on a soldier’s boot is, from a draw distance of 17 miles. Price is also still way off when compared.



    I haven’t owned a console since the Xbox 360. We have reached a certain point in gaming that the consoles, and the cost of two or all three of them equate to the same price as a higher end PC. There is also a shift that has started to take place in the “exclusiveness” of games as it were. I have used PS Now For PC, a trial of it, to play through Horizon Zero Dawn were it is being streamed to your PC. That game is also making it’s way to PC now.

    The cost of games goes up and the ability to keep them exclusive to just that console is increasingly difficult we are seeing. Even though currently with the PS5 we don’t know what the future of PS Now for PC will entail, we’ll see what happens with it, but that is $50 for a yearly subscription as opposed to a $500 or $600 console coming out by the end of the  year.

    Even though I may miss out on some games due to just being PC, I can’t justify the cost of one console anymore just for 2-5 exclusives that release a year that I may actually be interested in playing, then just to have this piece of hardware sitting there doing nothing and collecting dust. The only console I may get would be a Switch for Breath of the Wild 2 and some other Nintendo games.


    Whats up my PC gaming playas. I’m new here and just like to introduce myself to the community.

    I like to play Dota2, listen to ‘Depheche Mode’


    and snort cocaine(do a few lines to get me pumped up) when waiting for everyone to load up.
    Once in a while I’ll bang $5 hookers for lunch, and fine $15 bitches at 9pm Thursday nights.

    Just like doing what we PC gamers enjoy.

    Later fellas 👍🏽

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    It’s true as there is no denying such objective truths.

    PC > Console

    I have a dirty secret, I collect consoles and can be found playing them in the dark of the night when no one is looking.


    Once I experienced ultra high synced framerates with low settings. I never went back after decades of console lol. My next PC will be a project to achieve 200+ frames on ultra settings for next gen games.

    I still connect a controller for certain games. All good baby.


    I have a PS4.
    And I used it, too.

    For Netflix.
    Then I got a smart TV with Netflix…



    Every electronic gaming platform is a form of a PC, so PC is Best.


    I like PC & I like console handheld like switch & Vita.
    I guess the difference will be how you live your life. I take trains to work everyday. in which I’ll play Vita & Switch. 1 hour one way, 2 hours a day at least. Can bring it to the toilet. And so on.


    I think both have their merits but I will admit I prefer PC to console. Just some games you can’t get on PC so you have to use console.


    I don’t own a console.  Or even a TV for that matter.

    So yeah, most of my gaming is on PC, but what I really love about that is that I can get into modding games.  Games like GTAV, Fallout4, Morrowind (waaaay back in the day) .  I absolutely loved Modding out Dragon Age Origins, back when it was out.

    The big downside tho, is that nowadays, you really have to spend some money on your box to be able to play a lot of the games that are coming out now.

    Edit AGAIN-  That, and you can’t play private servers on consoles, AFAIK.

    That, and FUCK SONY with their restrictions.  Modding FO4 on a PS4 was garbage!

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    I got a gaming PC a few years ago and never have looked back. I play PS4 and Switch for exclusive games mostly.


    Well, some of that is changing with the Streaming services. You have PS Now For PC that works quite well actually and they rotate the games out on what you can play. I played through almost all of Horizon Zero Dawn on the 7 day trial, and now you can play Spider-Man if you want. Who knows what the future will hold concerning PS5 and the PC version of PS Now, but currently it’s a great cost saver instead of getting a console. The only console I may get would be a Switch to play Breath of the Wild 2 and some other Nintendo games.


    I LOVE the Total War Games, this one I played hardcore.



    +1 for mods.  +1 for hard drives (or +5 for SSD’s.)

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