PC Gaming is Better

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      It is, you all know it, don’t fight the truth, just accept it.


      Marc created this forum didn’t he


      He did, but the dev site nuked my profile :/


      The only PC game I’ve ever  played is SWTOR


        PC is Master Race. That is why Marc Turned himself into a Cyborg


        Mr. Roy

          PC is the best!


            I admit I’ve never been into PC gaming. I have a Switch to play on the go and I’m happy. And for my home gaming needs, my Xbox X and PS4 is more than enough. Lol.


              yes lol


                yeah rekt


                Search your feelings, you know it to be true


                  PC Master race!


                  I haven’t played my PS4 once since I bought a gaming PC. I might use my PS4 to play Bloodborne but that’s about it. PC IS BETTER.


                  PC always been better not just for games


                  I play on console mostly because that’s where all my family and friends IRL are and I game share with my brother so I get games there but I have a bunch of PC games that I play also.


                  I especially LOVE playing racing games on PC over console when the console version is 30 fps and the PC version is 60+ fps.


                  Better graphics + Mods for unlimited content + Fan Translations + Fan Bug fix Patches + Uncensor patches + Cheaper hard drives.

                  I’ve always been a console guy, but now all the advantages they had are gone.

                Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 48 total)
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