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    LOL Most of us didn’t even have a PC until at least the late 80’s  ;)

    I didn’t have my first computer til 1993.  (I was a tad bit behind on that race).  Before then, I’d been a console player too, tho I’d left the scene for quite a while.


    Like your avatar there Laconic.  Very nice pic!

    I do gotta agree.  There’s just so much more that you can do with a PC, that you can’t do with a console.

    I’d say, reinstalls is huge plus for PCs, over Consoles.  Especially with games that you have to download.  I’ve screwed up some of my Fallout4 games by making some bad mods, and have had to reinstall it a couple of times.  Sooooo much easier on that game, when you have a backup copy of your installed game folder on a seperate hard drive.  Rather than having to spend 6 hours DLing the game, then another 6 hours DLing the DLCs, and then sit thru the installation again.


    I played on xbox most of my life, and i bought basically all my games again on PC just to play them again and in better quality, id never go back lmao

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)
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