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Would love to know your thought on this Welcome Video to my Second Channel
6 months ago 1 Comment
Today July 20
11 months ago no Comment

Jeremy will be in Orlando  today. Would you guys like a live stream tonight of us running around Orlando?

Today July 20
11 months ago 3 Comments

Jeremy will be in Orlando  today. Would you guys like a live stream tonight of us running around Orlando?

Eric July
11 months ago 1 Comment

Today I get the honor of having YoungRippa on my channel. Should be a fun live stream.  We are going to talk about Youtube, his daily routine, and his hope for the future. This is my gift for all my members. Thank you for being awesome.   Jay

Acromatic Vlog has started
12 months ago 1 Comment

The first book Vlog has started. I am happy I am finally getting this off the ground. The book is done and is out in the hands of some young readers and I am waiting for feedback. Each journey in life starts with a small step. Depp breath first step.

Coffee and Thanks
12 months ago 10 Comments

Today was a day of reflection while drinking my coffee.   If you read this tell me 3 things that you are thankful for today. My 3 are; My gym is open My twitch community is amazing. I had some glorious pizza yesterday.

Something New for my Members | Book Vlog
12 months ago 4 Comments

I had a couple of goals when I started my Youtube channel. 2 of those goals were 10k Subs and membership. As many of you know I am writing a series of books.  I have no idea what I am doing. I decided to let my members take this journey with me. From start to …

1 year ago 9 Comments

Hard to believe that this little channel that was started as a joke has done something that many said would never be done. The Geeks and Gamers community has been in the front lines in helping me get there. I can’t thank you all enough. Much love to all. #GeeksandGamers over any community any day. 

Fosters Beer
1 year ago 2 Comments

Today I was at Universal Studios. I thought it would be funny to buy a Fosters beer and take a pic with me drinking it in support of my Australian friends. I know that Australians hate that beer but I thought it would be funny. I had some laughs in the comments but later my …

I was forced to be here
1 year ago 1 Comment

I’m Scared   

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