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6 months ago 1 Comment

Imagine the nastiest smelling turd left in your toilet overnight by an uninvited house guest. Now imagine that uninvited house guest forcibly shoving that turd down your throat in your sleep, nearly suffocating you. You will have wished you died in that encounter, as the impact of that traumatic experience will haunt you ‘til your …

Dear Diary #3
1 year ago 1 Comment

Dear Diary,   I witnessed a man open a door for a woman.  I was tempted to carry on with my day, but I couldn’t just pretend like I didn’t witness such an egregious violation of her womanhood. instead of ignoring his heteronormativity, I decided to educate him on his problematic behavior. I explained to …

Dear Diary #2
1 year ago 1 Comment

Dear Diary,   Jeremy has accepted my friend request, but I still do not have a checkmark. My heart is broken  💔   Love, Me

Dear Diary #1
1 year ago no Comment

Dear Diary,   Jeremy won’t accept my friend request, or give me a checkmark. This makes me very upset, hurt, & distraught. I don’t know how I will ever recover from this microaggression.   Love, Me

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