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      Yep, it was right up there with Battlefield Earth and Super Mario Bros: The Movie. Epic storytelling for people with the IQ of toilet paper.


      That’s not changing anyone’s mind. Also, not good comparisons at all. Battlefield Earth is straight up unwatchable.

      Super Mario Bros is horrible, but oddly entertaining. (The production story on that movie is INSANE! I don’t remember where I heard it, either on YouTube or a podcast, if I find it, I’ll post it… but the absolute HELL they went through trying to make that movie and the studio and producers shitting over everything…..)

      The Last Jedi was mostly bad because it wasn’t a Star Wars movie. It was a Mad Max movie set in the Star Wars universe. The Casino planet was the thing that took you right out of the movie. Without the casino planet scenes, The Last Jedi is probably a B/B+ movie. It’s honestly like Rian Johnson watched Mad Max Fury Road, then he watched the original Casino Royale James Bond and was like, “Hey, these movies belong together.” And for some reason decided to crash Rose Tico into Finn and say that she was saving him…

      Quite honestly, there were only 2 parts of the movie that were like, “Oh yeah… I can get behind this movie”. The first was when Vice Admiral Holdo gets everybody off the ship and sends hers lightspeed through the Imperial ship. It was a brilliant scene and you could believe that someone in the Star Wars universe would do that.

      The second was Luke’s Force Projection and Kylo ordering all the weapons fire upon him then going down himself. Again… another great scene where you actually FELT like, “THIS was the Star Wars movie I came to see!” The Luke and Rey shit was disappointing. It kept ALMOST feeling like Dagobah, but Luke’s attitude and the green boob milk and all of it just pissed you off.

      What’s really too bad is that The Mandalorian wasn’t made a few years earlier. If Luke were on the planet and didn’t want to see anyone or train anyone because he was protecting The Child AND because of his guilt of Kylo, imagine the possibilities of THAT version of the storyline.


      Cantobite… Can to bite. Bite my ass. Fucking Rian Johnson.


        That is as true as the fact that Ghostbusters: Answer the Queef is the funnies movie ever made.




          Bad bait.


            I thought it was going to be.


            No it is just a big budget big screen take on that scene from the Simpsons episode where the cops are chasing after Sideshow Bob, who is flying a 1900 era, plane and moving at the same speed he is


            The Last Jedi did not feel like a Star Wars it felt like I was watching a parody of Star Wars.


            Hmm where do I begin?

            Drop bombs in space.

            Car chase in space (without the excitement).

            Hyperspace tracking is dumb (unless it’s a beacon placed by a spy and can be disabled…I would’ve made Rose a traitor).

            Turned a man with eternal optimism into a give up loser.

            Rey don’t need training she just is the force (so why did they previously need to train under a master for years?).

            Kill off the main villain to make a unstable wanna be the big bad (Palpatine wasn’t planned).

            Go on completely irrelevant side mission and along the way expose middle men profiting from conflict oh and slavery bad (umm I knew slavery was bad…why are you telling me this).

            Introduced Mary Poppins to Star Wars.

            Why is Finn not the main character? He actually had some development in Force Awakens (because China hate black and we need to suckle on Winnie the Pooh).

            Lame non fight with Kylo and Luke.

            And don’t get me started on that Reylo shit, she had every reason to hate him but now that she’s seen that bare hairless soy chest “OMG I want his baby’s”.



            Parody is a bit of a stretch – parodies are well thought out, clever, intelligently written, and most people love them.


            The Last Airbender respected the source material more than The Last Jedi


            Meth. Not even once.


            Can’t change retarded

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