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A film is a form of art, no matter how it presents itself. You can use the depiction of a narrative to tell great stories about the world, and how emotions and issues all come to fruition in the everyday life of the human species. Whether your story takes place in our reality or a …

Your Lie in April
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Okay, this may sound like a whopping cliché, but Your Lie in April is one of those anime that will appeal to a lot of different people in a lot of different ways. The anime takes its audience on a journey of love, life, and music. It is a brilliant work of art that portrays …

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Teen Titans is a show that changed the way we viewed one of the most iconic teams in the super hero genre. Before its reimagination as a primarily humorous show (to the annoyance of many), it was something that really connected to its youthful audience through the way the varying personalities/backgrounds on the show connected …

Hunter Exam Arc
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Based on the work of renowned manga artist Yoshihiro Togashi, Hunter x Hunter was initially developed into a television series in 1999 to 2001. A reboot of the series was later announced in July 2011, with the new Hunter x Hunter airing in October of the same year in Japan. A new generation of anime …

best playstation 1 games
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For a moment, think back twenty years with me. Tamagotchis had taken the world by storm, the words “Bop it! Twist it! Pull it! Pass it!” were stuck in everyone’s head, and Sony was in the midst of creating one of the world’s most iconic systems: the PlayStation 1. As the world’s first CD-ROM based …

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