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    I hope they get the direct messages soon, and hopefully Jeremy will respond to me this time unlike last time.


    @Blood.Ranger the closest we have right now is that if you can still access your old account, you can “EDIT” those posts.

    I would suggest in replace what you had originally posted to write:

    Reply deleted by User.

    Hope that helps.



    I deleted the email associated with the old account, it was gmail and I don’t trust attaching anything to Gmail.


    Sometimes, I will edit a post and the whole thing will vanish when I press submit. On one thread, it showed up hours later as a double post.


    I login and go to the forum and many times, it is an older version and not currently updated to the latest post.


      Question. Why was the Meet Up in Vegas not advertised anywhere on this site? For something that was put on by G&G partly, it should have been promoted. I saw it promoted, nowhere. Seriously. That makes no sense.


        Good evening, everyone!

        We want to keep all bug reports isolated to this forum. There is currently no plan to reimplement the former feedback software; however, we are looking into a couple of different options.

        We cache the front page of the website (to decrease the load time). For that reason, the information that appears on the front page may not always be current.

        I have excluded the forums from our caching software. Please let me know if you run into this issue again.


        We appreciate everyone’s feedback! Private messages are still a work in progress, but they should be back online soon. Also, please bare with us as we continue to adjust our anti-spam algorithm. If you make a post on the forum and it doesn’t appear, it was most likely flagged as spam. We try to approve these posts as quickly as possible.


        Please continue to post any and all feedback/criticism in this forum. We read EVERYTHING!

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        I am totally gun shy about using the edit button now. It used to work. I lost a few posts and sometimes say things I regret or that could be taken the wrong way.


        The search function does not work very well, and the other thing is when you go to your Forum Replies history, it only shows about ten entries and does not go back further. Not mad, just noticing glitches and functions wit site.


        @comicsgate  There should be a “Show More” after the list.  It is not a great “button”, but pressing on it does load more replies, and continue to load more.

        And yay, if they can make it into a proper “BUTTON”, that would help.


        Yes, I miss “chat” or “DMs”. I liked to send people links to movies or comics and don’t want those public.


        I would add a contact button on the menu to help people see how to find and follow Geeks + Gamers and related accounts and channels and groups and pages and everything on social media networks like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Hive Blog, Telegram, Discord, Stream Yard, Bitchute, Rumble, Odysee, different forums, email, different websites, etc. Call the button whatever you want be it Contact Us or Social or I don’t know exactly. I see there is already a social button that goes to posts, articles, relating to the topic of social media.


        But having a separate web page or section devoted to links which could help people find and follow the Fandom Menace and everything would help some people who may not take the time to Google it or who may not take the time to find it on their own on social media. It is possible some people may not know where Jeremy is on Twitter for example. But I know providing links to social media can be tough with all of the censorship meaning links can eventually die when accounts are suspended, terminated, shadow banned, etc. But I would say it is at least a step in the right direction overall.


        I have been noticing that some topics are creating a new page with no content.

        Just now, I posted #240250, which displays in Page2, and yet the topic created a page3 with NO content.

        When one looks for a thread via “Most Recent” or via the category “YouTube”, it shows there are three pages.

        But within the topic, there are only 2.


        I also noticed this happening in other threads, where the last reply is the last of the page and a phantom new page with not content is made as well.



          When I go to sign up for the Boston Meet Up it says error the form was not able to submit, contact site administrator.

          Not sure what the issue is?


            @LikeaBill Try to submit the form again. It appears to be working on my end. If you get another error, please post a screenshot in this thread.

          Viewing 15 posts - 241 through 255 (of 443 total)
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