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      still no luck. Thanks for your help!

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        @LikeaBill I believe this may be a caching issue. Try clearing your cache and resubmitting the form. Let me know if that works for you!


          That did the trick!

          Thanks again for your help.



            The login problem of having to put your password twice is back


            I have been trying to post an article attacking the People’s Party of Canada, and I am being blocked.

            I tried with the link to the original article (like I do with almost all of my articles, so people can read it for themselves).

            I tried removing the link, and only having the parts I quoted in “quotes”.

            I tried removing so none appears as a quote.

            It blocks all of my attempts to talk about this hit piece on one of the political parties in Canada.

            Like WTF?



            I don’t know what the issue was.

            I had to split my reply in two.

            Strange indeed.


            Thought you guys might find this funnyCovid


            The Greatest Sports TV Themes page does not show up on Geeks + Gamers any more.

            I got an oops! That Page Can’t Be Found.  I was Editing my Geeks + Gamers The Greatest Sports TV Themes page . I add new link to The Greatest Sports TV Themes Geeks + Gamers page.  I start the The Great Sports TV Themes topic and page.



            I got a message on Geeks + Gamers The Greatest TV Themes Songs is pending moderation . After I edit the page & I add an insert a new link on a sports theme song.



            YouTube default embed shares trigger a security alert for me (or I’m just dumb).


              What Happened to the login page??


              One thing I really like about this board and site is the EDIT button. It seems like you can EDIT posts indefinitely. That is a very cool feature. I commend you.


              Curious, how long does it take when a topic that goes in for review gets released, or we get word on a decision it won’t be released?

              I had a post about ST: Lower decks, and I think a word in the title might have flagged it.


              @comicsgate I think they have is set for one-year, before the reply is no longer EDITABLE.  Of course by then, most threads are pretty much comatose.


              So when are we getting private messages back?

            Viewing 15 posts - 256 through 270 (of 443 total)
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