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    Any news on when we can add blog posts again? I had an article I wrote about a month ago but I still haven’t been able to post it.


      I just started a premium subscription, but when I try to view premium content, it just asks me to sign up still.


        So… what happens after we sign up to be G+G forum mods?


          I just started a premium subscription, but when I try to view premium content, it just asks me to sign up still.

          , did you check if your payment went thru? ‘Cause you still don’t have ‘premium’ under your pic, like @StarLord above you


            @Flash If you’re still having trouble, clear your cache and refresh the webpage.


              I got my receipt and payment was accepted through PayPal.


                It seems to be working now, maybe there was just a delay.

                Thanks for the help!


                So… what happens after we sign up to be G+G forum mods?

                OH no!  Our little DigiCat is become a MOD!

                I am sure after some form of interview, they will click some button in the background to MOD-ify your account.

                You should then be given a whole lot of extra options we mire mortals beings don’t get.

                ie. edit other posts, report/remove offending posts, lock/close threads, I don’t know if they have it that at the MOD level you can do temporary/permanent BAN of members, or if that is reserved for ADMIN level only.


                  reporting these two posts as spam (NFT nonsense) since you wont let us report on here:

                  SeoulStars! Get ready!

                  Let’s Sing with YUNA!



                    So, once again, a post I made and then edited because of misspelled word…is gone. I am frankly sick of this on here. It makes me not want to post at all. I posted yesterday in this thread:

                    And my post is nowhere to be found. This continually happens if you go in an edit a post on here. Please fix this problem.


                    If you post then edit too soon afterwards, the system thinks you are spamming.

                    When I have to edit, I will deliberately wait a minute or two, so it does not get FLAGGED as SPAM.

                    Something to consider @DarthVengeant



                      Ya, but I also just made a post with many music links that is nowhere to be found as well. So, I am suggesting they get a new Spam filter, or alter the one they have because it is frankly ruining me ever want to post on here again. Oddly enough, my posts show up a day or so later…..


                      Some posts the system FLAGS needs to be manually approved by the the admins/mods.

                      I got one that I posted too many images into the one reply got so flagged.

                      Hopefully, when they finally promote a new moderator (or two) to the forums, the turn-around on those threads/replies will be much less.



                        I use the forums daily, some things I have noticed:


                        – performance is generally pretty bad, sometimes the site does not load

                        – sometimes posts I edit don’t show up

                        – often times I get the wordpress security page saying I was doing something naughty and my access is blocked when all I was doing was posting/reading

                        – attached pics rarely work



                        If you edit too soon after posting, the forum flags it as possible SPAM, so that might explain it disappearing.

                        Certain file types/sizes are too much for the forums.  I would double check those images.  Also, they only allow so many images per post.  I forgot and one of my posts is waiting for mod approval before it will be posted/revealed for others to read.

                        As for performance, I found if I have too many tabs open, or have not cleared my history/temp files in awhile, it slows/disrupts loading of various web-pages.

                        The wordpress… I only got when I tried to post links that the forums did not like… but that was several months ago.  or it when I copy/paste part of an article to quote, and it has a hyperlink in it, the forums flag it as BAD.

                        Hope that helps.

                      Viewing 15 posts - 346 through 360 (of 443 total)
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