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    Were the techs trying something/updating the forums/website?

    I had a “cannot connect to database” for some time, and the icon on my tab was changed to just the single “G”, before it reverted back to the green double-G and getting access to the forums once more.


    There’s a glitch which has been affecting the forums for a while now. It’s one where you’ll make a post and it will not show up in the thread(s) but does show up in the forum index as your username having made the most recent post in said thread(s).

    Sometimes if you edit your post it disappears as well.

    Latest incident: posted in the Comedy thread started by Rikirk69 but the post doesn’t show up. However the forum index shows my username as having the latest post.

    Seems to be infrequent and random. Content doesn’t seem to matter, both text and attachments are affected.



    Started a new thread in the General Sports Discussions section titled FIFA World Cup 2022 and got the message “this topic has been marked as spam”.


    Depending on if you edited too soon after you created the thread, or if you had a hyper-link in your text, the system marks those as spam.


      I am requesting Signatures, like most other forums have.


      am a newbie and i love you all


      I think we have another spammer.


      Has a total of two replies, and they are both the same:

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      The fact those two posts where posted into two [OBIT] topics is very… questionable to begin with too.


      We have another spammer:


      Has a total of three replies, and they are all the same:

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      Is there still no fix to the issue when you edit a message right after posting it to correct typos and it just disappears and you’re locked from sending anything?


      The only FIX IIRC is to wait a minute.  Otherwise the system thinks it is SPAM and gets FLAGGED.


      Got it. The issue is that sometimes it lets you edit right away and sometimes it clogs up immediately

    Viewing 11 posts - 391 through 401 (of 401 total)
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