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    We have a SPAMMER.


    ShannonMiller has only posted five times, and they are the exact same….

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    @Legatus_Legionis, seems like spam has already been deleted, not sure how to delete spammer account though ???


    Opening the site in multiple tabs seems to wreak havoc on session data and give a significantly longer delay on navigation or post actions.


    @xdax, that happens anyway when you open an excessive amount of tabs no matter the site


    Like Button Notice (FREE tariff plan allows to show maximum 1 button(s) per page. Upgrade your website plan on To remove such notices uncheck Show Info Notices chekbox on plugin Settings tab.)


    Forum like/dislike feature needs payment lol



    Glad I’m not the only one experiencing this. I thought it was just my laptop playing up!


    I came here to ask about the like problem, but it seems you already brought it up @Hazu.


    Strange how not all posts seem to be effected by this “glitch”.  Only the top posts on each page are not effected by this issue.


    We have a SPAMMER.


    This spammer has only posted five times, and they are the exact same…

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    This Like Button Notice stuff is ridiculous, and annoying the heck out of me. lol. Imo it’s spam. Please fix this. I am NOT paying for a like feature.


    Question:  Since the forums got several new mods a short awhile back, do we still need to be advertising for new mods?

    I know the thread is locked, but if the positions have been filled, maybe a word in there stating so (we are no longer accepting applications for the positions of MODS), and un-PINNING it.

    And if the forums are still looking for MODS, a statement saying “we are still looking for one or two more MODS” would be nice to see.

    Just a suggestion.


Viewing 11 posts - 376 through 386 (of 386 total)
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