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    Tbh, the many spammers / bots and the lack of collaborators (people who can share news on a daily basis and take care of each big category) to better organize the Categories & Threads of the forum are huge factors negatively affecting the forum, in my opinion.

    I don’t think we need a single thread to talk about every single issue. This is not Reddit. We could be using global threads more and that way engaging in conversations and attracting new users. Otherwise, it just gets confusing and it’s hard to have a discussion if it’s just spam + new topic + spam + new topic. :/

    The promotion of the forum also kinda slowed down, it seems (do they keep mentioning it in the streams / social media?).

    So yeah, my suggestions are:

    1. Getting rid of the bots/spammers. 2. Promoting the Forum. 3. Increase engagement & discussions in general threads.  4. Find collaborators for each category (movies, tv, gaming, anime, comics, etc.).



    This is getting me kinda curious, what would collaborators do?? ‘Cause i’m really into anime, and there’s an anime forum


    The ultimate problem is the lack of synergy between the website and the YouTube channels where the overwhelming majority of content is generated.  New videos should really be promoted at the top of the front page with some sort of integrated talkback platform for user engagement in the event of a channel switch.

    A second method for increasing engagement would be to fix the counter-intuitiveness of the site for user-generated content.  Since the site launch, I still haven’t figured out how the blog posts are supposed to work, or if basic users are even able to get articles approved, depriving the community of content that isn’t really suited to a video format.

    The more endemic issue is the multi-modality of the userbase that is attracted here through separate channels (I haven’t been to a theme park in almost 20 years), as well as modern entertainment in general being completely disjoint.  This is the primary reason for all the “bubble” threads, with no easy fix beyond herding users into curated “master” threads.


    I still haven’t figured out how the blog posts are supposed to work, or if basic users are even able to get articles approved

    The blog posts have been suspended because of bugs, and no, basic users can’t get articles approved, but there is a “contribute” button at the bottom of the page next to the G+G logo, if you click on it it’ll bring you to a page which shows how you can volunteer to write articles, reviews, ecc. for G+G


    I went ahead and posted a short and sweet FAQ that’ll hopefully answer some questions, which I will build on it as time goes. I apologize for the long wait, I just wanted to make sure that I was able to include correct answers and appropriate links. The FAQ should be visible at all times via super sticky. If there’s any questions you have that haven’t been addressed just yet, feel free to ask or give a reminder.

    Forum & Site FAQ


    @Hazu – I noticed some spam is managing to slip through our spam filter, especially comments. I’ve been trying to comb through posts as much as I can though. If anyone happens to see something that was missed, please feel free to report it either through the contact form or on our Discord and it’ll get taken care of.


    @WeareChaoS Cool, Thanks =))

    , yeah, like everyone can do it, but my suggestion would be to have someone officially in charge, so we can have quality and informative content frequently.

    For example, in the Television Category, having someone posting:
    Shows starting this week;
    Shows ending this week;
    Top shows of the month;
    General TV news;
    Shows recently canceled;
    TV Shows rumors; etc.

    Same with anime, gaming, movies, etc.

    I think this would help a lot, attract new users and more people would engage in conversations.

    Recently visitors visit the forum and probably the most posts they see are “joe biden memes” by Greg. :) lol



    What if we want to delete our profiles/accounts, what can we do?


    @Hazu, that’s a great idea, and yes i do agree on having someone officially in charge, though the format you suggest

    For example, in the Television Category, having someone posting:
    Shows starting this week;
    Shows ending this week;
    Top shows of the month;
    General TV news;
    Shows recently canceled;
    TV Shows rumors; etc.

    Maybe rather than having one person in charge of the whole TV category (as that would be a shit ton of work on top of other work for the site) it could also be a volunteer base work, like the way we can volunteer to write reviews ecc. that’d mean potential to devide the work load with more people, ex:

    • One person in charge of starting/ending this week
    • One for top TV shows
    • One for rumors, ecc.

    @RetroWolfMG_31 I’m not 100% sure, but I think we have to do it from the back end as of right now. I’ll get with Nick to see if we can make it an option for you to be able to delete your profiles from your profile dashboard, that way you can have better control of your information. As soon as I know something I’ll be sure to update.

    – how the blog posts were suppose to initially work was that you would be able to write and submit your own blog and then one of us would approve the blog from the backend, but for now they’ve been disabled since it was suuuper slow. 99.999% of the time it would just timeout my browser and then I’d just have to start the entire process again. The reason we were manually approving blogs was cause some folks decided they wanted to abuse the blogs by posting some pretty racist stuff. We’re still looking for a better alternative that’ll work with our ecosystem, but as always, feel free to throw us suggestions.


    @WeareChaoS – I don’t really see any kind of distinction between forum posts, blog entries, and, to a lesser extent, articles on the site. Article comments still require an account, yet don’t show up on the forum. Blog posts weren’t articles, but also weren’t forum posts and had no way to index them. High-quality forum posts have no easy way to be promoted to an article frame if necessary. The whole setup could be massively simplified.

    Also, I don’t know if you integrated this site at all with the Discord to see when new posts come in (still can’t get into the account for eight months now), but that would greatly assist with content creation. YouTube and Discord are for in-the-moment stories, while forums should be for deeper dives into content.


    take your time


    Here is a SPAMMER thread:






    @Legatus_Legionis Thank you for the report! User has been banned.


    Posts seem to take about two full minutes to actively submit, and, during that period, none of the other pages on the site provide a response in alternate tabs.

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