The NeverEnding Story Is Garbage

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    Why do people like this movie?


    Because it’s god damned great. Was dark as fuck for a kids story. Had some of the best art direction and special effects as well as character designs of the era. Creatures that were believable (that fucking turtle!). A fantastic score. Heart wrenching moments that stuck with you.  That, and it was easy to connect with Sebastian. Even more so with the story’s twist…something that made it incredibly unique and one of the most imaginative tales of the 80’s. Incredible film, and looking back on it…super underrated. Plus who didn’t dream of having a pet dog/dragon after seeing that as a kid?


      That’s it.. I won’t stand for this blasphemy.

      ban button


        Frankly the damn movie gave me nightmares.


        I never actually watched this movie all the way through, but damn do I like the ending credits song.



        Because it has a catchy theme song that is the very definition of awesome 1980s



          The music is great

          The atmosphere is great

          The characters and imagery is great.

          That’s why people love it. It is cinematic GOLD. One of my ALL TIME favorite. Up there with The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. They don’t make movies like this anymore…meaning good.

          Sorry it didn’t have enough explosions and mindless pointless plots with WOKE messages to appeal to you. :)


          Why do people people like The Neverending Story, because it’s a timeless classic. Something Rise of Skywalker will never be.


            Because a lot of people have Taste and Heart and understood at time how great it was, understand now, how great it still is and even when DnD tried to rip it off for GOT, ALL the fans caught it and called BS.. It is that good, Old and Young saw it and called it.


            Totally forgot I replied to this and got triggered again.

            Successful attempt at trolling, got me not once…but twice!


            Great, now I’m going to have that song in my head for a week 🤣



            Well it will keep you sane from all the awful woken music they have today playing  on the radio stations.


              Let me help you


              I remember hearing that the creator hated the production of the movie so much he had his name removed from the movie.

              As a kid I was afraid but couldn’t look away, I needed to see the end.

              It may not be a great movie now but compared to what we get today… I’ll take the Neverending Story any day.

              Don’t watch the sequel, just don’t.

            Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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