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    Translation: He never read any of it. He doenst know how.

    Sinthskin can be repaired fairly easily. It reacts to Bacta just like real skin would. The glove was in the shot just to stick the memberberry on the screen.


    I love how it’s either you’ve read all the EU or none of it with you, Cowgirl David. More Sith absolute mentality. As I’ve said several times, I’ve read many stories from all eras of the EU, it would take me too much time to name them all here when that’s not even the discussion. I can’t simply say I’ve read all of an era like Raos can. However, I have also said I do prefer the stories before the OT than the ones after, from Darth Bane to Clone Wars content.

    I don’t know why you people can’t understand there are highs and lows with both canons. The Yuuzhan Vong was a real low point in my opinion. Just a stupid concept for villains, never worked for me. I liked every story with A’Sharad Hett until they brought him back as Darth Krayt. I thought Palpatine coming back was handled poorly in both canons. Can you really say you liked every EU story you read? Of course not. The only difference is you think the lows are better in the EU than anything Disney has put out, and I don’t. A simple difference of opinion, we can leave it at that.

    I stopped reading the EU the moment George deleted the Clone Wars EU for his own stories and haven’t touched them since. It showed me he never really took the EU seriously. I will always take George’s vision on Star Wars over anyone else’s. After Disney bought it and wiped the EU I really haven’t read much of anything Star Wars.


      Bacta regenerates organic compounds

      Explain to me how it would regenerate synthetic skin




        @Roas, Anna has a new metaphor for you to describe sequel trilogy vs Mandalorian 🤣🤣🤣

        When you’ve been shoveling elephant poop … then all of a sudden you get presented with a litter box


        Much like the T800.
        Its synthetic but its not. No different than ‘cloning’ healthy tissue fom a damaged liver. We can almost do this now.


          People are still arguing about this?  Too funny.

          Just mark these words now.  If President-Reject gets in office, things will get SuperWoke.  It is kind of like commercials now.  Products no longer matter.  They are trying to outdo themselves in regards to being woke.

          No matter what Disney touches, it will suck and it will go woke.  Also, they shit on everyone consistently these past couple of years, why go back to that?


          I think I have finally put my finger on the problem with both Raos and Cowgirl David. We all know by now that they hate anything that Disney has, and will ever, put out. That’s their decision to make of course. But their hatred is so deep and vicious now, they feel like they can not allow anyone else to enjoy it either. Well, best to stop trying. You can never take away things people enjoy. Seeing Luke again was one of those things for every Star Wars fan.


          I can’t even imagine how hard it is to live when you explode from seeing women or people of color on TV. Like how tf was Mandalorian woke?

          Anyway, in my opinion, Mandalorian s1 was kinda bland, s2 was one of the best Star Wars content, but I still didn’t find it a masterpiece, but it was good. I’m personally not a big Star Wars fan, I like it and respect it for the things it has done for fiction in general, but I only really enjoyed Empire Strikes back, Revenge of the Sith, Force Awakens and  Mandalorian s2. So from the perspective of a casual Star Wars consumer, Mandalorian was quite solid but you really have to nitpick and be very fragile to find it woke and start shaking.


            I did not mention women or people of color at all.  You did.  So this must mean that you see clearly the woke bullshit yourself.

            Thanks for validating my point.


            No one gives a fuck what color people are if they fit the role. But here you are crying cause we want good writing or actors who can actually act.


            I’m here just wondering how the fuck Niko thinks Mandalorian is woke. It’s just something I can’t comprehend. If even Mandalorian is woke to him then I can’t even imagine how hard his life must be, my man is seeing woke ghosts everywhere. The only thing Niko can consume without barking ”woke SJW” is Tex Willer or some other shit 😂😂


            Then what made it woke enough to get you abuse your keyboard, once again?



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