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    Avatar is a great film, change my mind!


      It’s average at best. Not particularly amazing, but I liked the story arc of the main character. His choice to become a blue person made sense. Ripley was awesome as always.

      For me, it felt like I’d basically already seen it before in other films. The special effects didn’t impress me as it did for others. I just looked at it and thought “wow, how boring must that have been to film in a green screen studio?” Nothing on that made up planet was real & it showed. If I wanted to watch an animated film, I’d watch How to Train Your Dragon.

      That being said, it’s fine as a standalone film. Not sure how the sequels are gonna expand on it, but it’s better that Cameron works on that than another shitty Terminator film.


        Sounds like drunk is too far gone


        It is a freaking crap movie that steals from several other better films including: Pocahontas, Dances with Wolves, and Ferngully…just because it looks pretty doesn’t make it a good flick


        He has gone way too far


          Dang Odin tell us how you really feel!

          I just recently re-watched it, it was on FX. I forgot how good it is, even with being a live-action Ferngully. I’m interested in seeing what they do with the rest of them. I’ve been following the Twitter account, looks like a lot of underwater stuff, which Cameron excels at.


          I wish I could see what others see but effects don’t make up for weak story telling


            A visual masterpiece and a decent film overall.

            The best thing that came from it is the expansion to Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World


            Avatar is meh and the hair thing creeps me out. LOL!!


            Agreed. They ride animals with it and make love….NOOOOOPEEEEEE


            I honestly don’t remember anything from the movie lol! I’m planning to rewatch it!


            Yeah agreed. Overrated asf!


            The most overrated piece of shit film of all time. Well that and the tismic fuckery that was endgame.


            Yeah hair porn is the worst type of porn BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO avatar


              I agree with you 100% Jeremy I never saw it in theaters so I didn’t get the full “visual experience” that I got from my tv but when I watched the movie I just wanted to go back to Animal Kingdom instead haha

            Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 46 total)
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