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      Avatar is great in 3D. I recently watched it again for the first time since I seen it in theatres. I watched it with my PSVR. It blew my mind. People that watch it in 2D are watching a different movie. The 3D really adds a lot to it. This is a 9/10 3D movie. In 2D ya its probably shit.


      Oh come on Odin! It is too not a rip off! To me, those movie are what inspired James to create the greatness that is the Avatar franchise!


      I’m going with drunk on this one folks! Avatar is my last childhood film before I turned 13 and let me tell ya, I’ve been still waiting for a sequel for an entire decade now…. you guys have no idea on how long have I’ve been waiting for this moment to where a sequel is happening.


      Avatar is okay althoughI think James Cameron do himself a fucking favor and just make Alita Sequels rather than Avatar Sequels. Like seriously, Avatar doesn’t need sequels because the 1st Avatar film is the perfect beginning for Avatar


      I liked it, it looks great and I liked the concept of it (except the subtle politics injected into it), I think overall its a failed project and the reason for it they failed to capitalise and waited a decade plus to release a sequel (if they ever get around to releasing it), its now irrelevant.


      Odin needs glasses


      Avatar is an average at best film BUT it hits every single cliche button in our movie brains, least of all the IT’S FUCKING STUNNING TO LOOK AT button. I bought it on BluRay LOL



      The most visually impressive Smurfs episode ever.

      Unobtanium? Stupid name.

      I enjoyed the movie but the wow factor does try to distract you from the simple elements.


      It’s Cameron’s genius, he really does smoke and mirror us right in the face, and we lap it up LOL



      Avatar is the White Savior Complex Epic to end all White Savior Complex Epics!

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      The new Avatar Movie will have UNDERWATER Na’vi. I know Odin is looking forward to that.






      What Odin said is exactly right.

      Its overrated and stole from half a dozen better films.


      I feel like it told the story.  Even if the story was meh.  I don’t know where they find everything for 65 sequels.


        Have it on disc but hardly remember it.


        I enjoy the movie very much. I love the environmental themes and visual effects. The world of Pandora is a place I would like to go to if it existed since I’m big on animals real or not and the final battle scene is on my favorite battles list along with Lord of the Rings and Avengers: Endgame. I can’t wait for the sequel to come and see what’s in store.

        One thing I would like to say and it’s not really a critique but if I was asked to compare this with “Princess Mononoke” then I would say the other because “Mononoke” has a unique atmosphere and executes the idea of hope at the end where “Avatar” doesn’t have that ‘hope’ feeling. But both are still very good movies to me.

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