The Anti Dominos Pizza Propaganda Thread

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    As most of you know, Dominos Pizza has been among the most pathetic when it comes to the art of crafting pizza and delivering a satisfying Italian experience. Their crimes have grown exponentially, however, with the shameless locking of their specials behind a disgusting app.

    In the past, hungry potential customers had the ability to call their local Dominos and inquire to the specials that were available. Unfortunately though all good things must come to an end. In a fit of infinite Greed and Laziness, the hall monitors of the business world (corporate) have thrust the responsibility of finding deals and placing orders directly on to the poor, hungry customers.

    Their hunger… meaningless.

    Their money… worthless.

    This blatant attack on the comfort and cyber security of the working man and waman cannot stand. It is time for the dominos to come tumbling down, and a new GodFather to take the throne…. A new patriarch… a new “Papa” if you will.

    and his name will be




    Finally a good fucking thread


    Dominos is shit tier pizza.

    The frozen pizza isle has better product.


    There are only two places where I get take-out pizza.

    On the cheap/on the run… Little Caesars Peperoni

    Only when you have a big hunger and friends, Vern’s Pizza T-Rex.

    When a pizza with toppings is over an inch think… hell yay!



    What’s wrong with frozen pizza? Ellio’s is God Tier pizza


    I am watching your re-BUTT-al.

    As one who has a cell (flip) phone and does not have a dumb (smart)-phone, I do not have access to nor want any apps.

    So I am getting the inclination from your vid that if one does not have an app, we cannot order/get food?

    If one does not pay electronically in advance (but with cash at the store) we cannot order/buy a product?

    Pizza take time to make, so unless one wants to wait at the pizzeria joint, we can’t call ahead and order?  And minimize social interacting in person (due to the beer bug, etc.)


    And that is the difference between “fast food” like McDonalds, and a Pizza Place like Dominos.

    At a fast food place, it only takes a few minutes (at most) to get.

    At a pizza joint, it takes 7-30 minutes.

    Sorry, @Drunk3po, but I have to side with Jeremy on this one.


    You poor poor people…forced to either order from schlock stores or buy the frozen. My heart goes out to you all  ;)


    As a former professional chef, I have long since divorced myself of ordering pizza, unless I’m on a road trip, or especially on moving days when I first move into a new place. Now, I won’t ever turn down pizza, but I prefer what I make with my own two hands at least two or three times a week (I’ve been on a pizza kick for months…one pizza feeds me for days).


    Since tomorrow night is pizza night again, I’ll share the goodness with a couple pics, and if/when I start up my channel at the beginning of next year, among my videos will be cooking ones, and I’ll do a pizza vid. All fresh ingredients, nothing canned or premade, except the dough, because making dough is a pain in the ass and Wegmans is quality pizza dough for pizza or calzone.



    Same here, since I’m comfortable with ordering on the phone or at perseon rather than ordering it online. Since I’m a 23 year old dude who’s nothing more than a caveman and I consider ordering online as Blasphemy.

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    Never heard of it.

    That being said I said frozen is better than Dominos. Learn how to read.


    As promised, here are some pics of pizza night in my home. First my San Marsano tomato sauce used:




    The pizzas are from one pizza dough cut in half  so it fits on the baking tray. I admit, they got a little sloppy tonight with cheese running over the crust. First is my lunch pizza:




    Pizza 2, my dinner pizza…the extra cheese really spread out tonight:




    When my channel starts up next year, I will have video recipes for this and many other things I make….now to eat.


    The sins of Dominos grow buy the day. Today a Domino’s delivery guy almost stepped out in front of my car.

    His body would have caused considerable damage to my vehicle.





    Give my phone number 490-2127 as a reason not to order from them, Please?

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