DC Comics Generations/5G/Future State is coming

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    DC solicitations for Jan-Feb 2021

    For those of us who collect DC Comics, when it was announce Generations/5G was being cancelled we rejoiced.

    Finally after talking about it for a while now DC Comics finally unveiled the details of their upcoming Future State direction. Through their press release on Future State we learned that this will be a two month-long direction that will replace their normal slate of releases for January and February 2021. Based on all the information we are provided Future State looks to be what Jim Lee and the rest of DC’s editorial staff retooled the long teased Generations and 5G direction to become.

    But the undead keep coming back.

    It was re-branded as “future state”.

    You can rename a pile of sh!t, but it still stinks just as bad.

    If this continues beyond its two-month interruption of normal comics, or it replaces the regular titles, then I must say most of those titles I will be dropping.


    I have already told my local comic book store (where I have an account) that even thought I have 3/4 of the regular titles/characters in my account, I only want one title, and it has just two issues.


    The rest, I have no interest in at all.

    Even the titles/characters I have going back all the way to the mid-late 70’s.


    Is Doomsday Clock worth the read? I’m not a HUGE DC fan, but I did love Watchmen.


    I never read it.

    DC for the last decade has been having so many side “big events”, I stopped caring/reading them.

    Sadly, this Generations/5G/Future State might alter DC comics to the point I will finally decide it is not worth collecting/reading any more.

    I just wanted to know what others think of this story-arc.


    Future State is so blatantly 5G Lite it’s not even funny. The art they’ve shown is great and even some of the designs are as well, but the intent is clearly “we have a Brazillian Wonder Woman” or “our new speedsters are disabled” or something to a similar note.

    DC’s Future Reveals the State of Comics


    I watched Az cover it, I watched EVS cover it, I watched FNT panel talk about it….garbage…total garbage. If I ever have the funds to allocate to comics ever again, it would be used to purchase Comicsgate books. I’ll never give the mainstream my money again.

    I frankly haven’t enjoyed a mainstream comic since Maximum Carnage. I haven’t had a copy since I watched a former friend take my trade paperback into the bathroom with him one time…and I told him to just keep it…, so a fresh copy of Maximum Carnage would probably be the only thing even remotely mainstream I’ll ever buy again.

    Well…maybe I’d recollect all the old TMNT trade paperbacks I used to have as a kid….never did see how Return to New York ended in the old comics.

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    If this is the future of DC comics (and TV shows), it is dead.


    While some super-heroes have had many different characters in the title role (Flash, Green Lantern, Justice League lineups), the core DC titles has proven that fans/customers want the original characters.  Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Diana Prince, etc.


    I hope this only lasts for the two months, and then forgotten completely!



    All Future State issues will be fully returnable from retailers back to DC’s new distributor. This will be an instance where, more than ever, fans must speak with their wallets. If this is a colossal failure for them financially, then by way of business reason it shouldn’t stick around – try as they might to label us for wanting nothing to do with it.


    But it is well known that issue #1’s outsell a regular title 2:1 (because of collectors, etc).

    They will look at that to warrant continuing the title.

    Heck, how many times has Marvel restarted cpt.marvel?

    No one wants to read it, BUT, because of issue #1 sales, they green-light more issues.


    Guess if this crap goes beyond just two month interruption, I will be doing back issues to the point where new issues will be zero.


    Well, for me Generations/5G/Future State was CRAP!

    Not ONE of these new/replacement characters nor stories do I care for at all.

    And now with the Infinite Frontier… most of the secondary stories are pure CRAP! and not worth the price increase of the comic.

    …if DC Comics does not get its act together, I will be cutting my pull list with my comic book even more.  I had dropped one last visit as it was just THAT BAD., and I got two-three more that if by summers end does not get better, will be gone as well.

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