DC – The Joker is preggers WTF! ! !

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    This makes me sick.




      I really believe the goal of ALL of the shenanigans is to devalue people and life in general.  Breaking down the sexes and the family is just part of that.


      How are women not insulted by this trash?


      This is mental illness. It makes me think that writers today have brain damage when they try to make heroes out of, really, any type that does not belong in the role and never will. There are only two genders. Men can’t get pregnant. Diversity and inclusion is stupid because people just know if they’re good or not. There is no imposter syndrome when you meet someone who has done their homework and really knows their stuff.

      It’s too bad something like this gets attention, when there might be good writing out there. A better writer would somehow make Joker takeover Wayne orphanage and seduce the kids into a life of crime without them even knowing it. Maybe even have the orphans grow up and takeover all the powerful positions in Gotham and they have loyalty to their undercover Joker principal or headmaster or whatever. I’m sure it’s been done. Batman writers leave no stone upturned. There is almost no story told that has not been hacked to include Batman.


        “It’s too bad something like this gets attention”

        That’s actually probably part of it.  If you are stinky writer and cannot get clicks/sales from just good writing then make something so stupid and salacious it at least is click-bait. This model would not have worked pre-internet.



        Woman here and I’m insulted by this! I’m also sick of these people trying to empower us by saying that our time of the months should be a happy time and that they’re not painful at all. BS! Some women have periods SO heavy that they’re bed-ridden for 2-3 days because they’re so sick! Mine can sometimes get heavy but I’m the crazy person who doesn’t complain and just carries on with life😂.

        Also, how is this NOT fanfic??? I’m a fan fiction writer and not even I would want to have my work out there and certainly not with that bad artwork. In fact, in one of my Batman related fanfics The Joker and Harley had a daughter (the circumstances are censored). She’s in between good and evil but The Joker pushes her quite a lot to the point in which in one of them he gives her a lethal dose of venom. She later tries to kill him for it if memory serves me correctly. In short, at least I try to keep The Joker in character during that time!

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        This agenda to dehumanize the value of women, motherhood, is sick.

        As is the fact only BIOLOGICAL human females can get pregnant.

        Out of all the DC characters/titles, right now only those related to Batman, the Bat-family, sells well.

        That includes The Joker.

        So these sickos (the writers and editors) allowed this sh!t in as a backup story in The Joker title.

        The writing, artwork, canon-destroying crap that is happening at DC will eventually KILL the IPs.


          The mental gymnastics are so severe here I agree it IS a mental illness.

          At this point they are telling women if you want to be “inclusive” and or a feminist you have to believe men are women if they so much as say so and that you have to give up your women only spaces to them.  I mean what insanity is that????????



          Is this the sixth circle of hell?





          “It’s all a joke. Everything anyone ever valued or ever struggled for, it’s all a monstrous demented gag. So why can’t you see the funny side? Why aren’t you laughing?”


            One of the things overlooked here and I think social media somewhat causes this, is that most people agree this is insanity regardless of what their political leanings are. But these ideas get put forth as if it is common belief when the reality is it’s a very tiny minority.  I am not saying this minority does not have power or sway and is not dangerous but we should keep in mind they are the extreme minority. But it is VERY interesting that such a small minority can influence public policy so very quicky when we cannot even get anyone to acknowledge common problems like the border.


              It is very bizarre as well.


              Joker: “I’m pregnant?”



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