DC – The Joker is preggers WTF! ! !

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      Plot twist, Batman is the father! eeewwwwww



      I really hope that that’s NOT true🤣🙄🤢🤮. I think it’s probably Clayface. You only need to look at the “baby’s” mud form to know that.


        In all honesty, I made that up on the spot, it’s not based on anything outside of just trying to be silly. But after I did it, I questioned whether it might be true.


        I saw a vid where they stated it was not true.

        After Zatanna confronted The Joker, she cast a spell which did not work as expected (with the Joker the unexpected is what is expected- he forgets his name but not his flurting with Zatanna ie marrying her and having a baby together).

        Somehow, The Joker ended up in the mud, and ended up swallowing some.

        The next day he has a “bloated” stomach is because of this “mud”, and his henchmen make the assumption The Joker might be preggers.

        Later, The Joker throws-up, and the “mud” comes out, and makes a humanoid form, whom then quickly escapes.  (Here the commentator suggests this might be part of Clayface trying to remove.

        Later, this bring removes to look like a mini-Joker, and the people then assume this is Joker’s son, and later shows it off to Zatanna.

        The commentator also suggested this was very much like what a story from the Silver Age was like – silly and zany (not to be taken seriously).  But it does not fit in to today’s comics, and is so out of place after two years of various Joker comics.


        I have yet to get my hands on this issue to verify to see if this was all a dream/delusional sequence by The Joker, if that was really Clayface who got some of The Joker’s DNA and when tried to reform that DNA help it to morph into a mini-Joker.


        But once again, it comes down to the writers and editors (and bad artwork) allowing such to get to publication.

        Getting people to talk about the issue (even if most of it is negative talk).

        But what good is all this PR if it turns paying customer away from your products?



        I’ve got a headache from reading that😂

      Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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