De-sexualisation of women in entertainment


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    I’m happy with some balance. You shouldn’t ban seeing skin and curves, but there’s more to entertainment than just thinking with your tip. There’s a place for that in unlimited quantities, there’s no point letting it get in the way of a good story.


    Sadly, most comics now don’t even have good stories anymore.

    So with no good stories and no good artwork… why buy comics anymore?


    That is why those crowdfunding indy comics came into being.


    I’ve been told I’m a miserable git by friends and family for about 15 years now, if not longer. So many things have been ruined by the pursuit of making ALL the money. Boobs and booty having a way of appealing to a wider audience and it’s been the lazy man’s tool for quite a while. Again, I’m not turning my nose up at all of it, but some balance would be nice.


    *old man voice* I remember when the only skin you’d have to look at was from a weathered copy of Razzle you and some of your mates found in a hedge bottom. Moderation is fine! :)


    Red Sonja is still a hot character that ladies do cosplay to, but this thread is so right because they just cast some weird looking chick to play Red Sonja. This is why I am a fan of this site. You guys notice things. They even have to ruin Red Sonja. Most recent example is Mary Jane from Spiderman. Seems like they are going after those redheads.


    Helly-weird has been cancelling red-head characters for some time now.

    This attack on this character is just the latest (but not last) attack.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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