Do you get bored of youtube channels?

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      I find that with a few exceptions when I find a new youtube channel I enjoy, I can only watch them for 1-2 months before getting bored of them and moving on. They seem to be regurgitating the same talking points all the time and it gets very tiresome.

      Here are just some of the channels I initially watched every video on but then tapered off watching their new conetnt: (not in any particular order)

      • Angry Joe
      • Heelvsbabyface
      • Yongyea
      • Atheismisunstoppable
      • Nerdrotic
      • Dangerfield
      • Louis Rossman
      • Midnight’s edge
      • Bellular news
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      The Quartering.


        Yes, especially the quartering, IDK why I left that one out, probably my brain had gotten so fed up with his clickbait drama, that it completely compartmentalized it.


        I only recognized three from your list @m76.  One I have only seen on other’s live streams (Heevs) while Midnight’s edge is always popping up on my recommends.  I view a good number of them.  Not yet decided if I will subscribe or not.  Nerdrotic I enjoy.

        I also recognize the quartering from @shiftygism.  I see him on G&G channel.  I have yet to view his personal channel.


        The only one I know I got tired of is TFM.  For everything, there is only one solution for him.  Sure it was cute for awhile, but please, it is like listening to a broken record player.



        They all become so repetitive and content once they figure out how to stabilize their income – the imagination and the creativity fades away for the sake of the stable formula that works. The channels I enjoy the most and that I follow over the longest periods of time are non-monetized content which is made out of passion and imagination like Major Grin videos.

        The rest of them like the fandom menace channels I watch once in a blue moon only to remind me why I stopped watching them in the first place. I wish them the best of luck.


          Yes.  I am the same way.  Also, I have found that people start to go off the rails on YouTube.

          But odd you mentioned this topic… I was talking with my Dad today and I mentioned that Hollywood and the MSM, in general, have no originality in it.  Everything is so homogenized.  I am a big believer in having a wide varitey of interests and in creating your own happiness because things can get boring after a while.


          A lot of them started out making compact and to the point 10 minute youtube videos and seem to have gravitated more towards live-streaming and then putting those 2-5 hour streams up a day later.   Plus there seems to be a lot more bleeding over of creators on each other’s channels. It’s hard to differentiate between Midnight’s Edge, Worldclass Bullshitters and other channels of the type when their livestreams often seem to have the cast of people.    I don’t find myself giving up on these channels entirely, but I am a lot more selective in what videos I will watch.  Too many of them well cover the same topics at the same time, so I don’t really need to see 10 different vids a day complaining about Cuties.   Plus some of them like HeelsVsBabyface no longer cover the content I started watching them for.

          And while I still like Nerdrotic and Heels overall, I do sometimes see that they are a bit pigheaded and not as open minded and unpolitical as they think they are.  That was pretty well demonstrated when neither of the seemed able to grasp or even really try to understand Jeremy’s point on why he didn’t care if Dave Filoni was a bit of an SJW cuck, so long as the product he was making was still good.


          Everyone understood Jeremy, but Az took offense to being constantly told by Jeremy that he should enjoy movies and shows by actors who piss off the fans. You have every right to enjoy whatever you want, but you don’t have the right to annoy others about them having to watch the same thing. If someone feels offended by someone to the point where they don’t want to support their product then they shouldn’t watch that thing that makes them feel bad. You watch it – I won’t – to each his own.


            Sure, but that usually takes a few years for me.


            In my opinion, nowadays the main problem is that youtube became their only job, and because youtube favors the channels that put content everyday, they must find content to post everyday otherwise their channels will be affected by the algorithm. That’s why we see repetitive content, drama content, clickbait, etc.

            I like the quartering and Nerdrotic, they’re smart guys and usually they have content that catches my attention (specially Nerdrotic).

            But I got tired of twitch dramas. I don’t use twitch, I think that’s a stupid platform only for kids or 40yo virgin simps. It’s not about gaming anymore. (I know some decent people still use it because they need the views or whatever, but it is what it is, twitch sucks). But youtubers love to create content about twitch dramas and that’s a hard pass for me. I don’t give a fuck if pokiwhatever showed her ass for 1h or if some other thot kicked her cat, that’s trash content about trash people. But maybe it’s also because I’m getting old. Don’t even get me started with tik tok. :)


            I prefer to watch/listen to podcasts, but it also depends on the guests… I can listen to 3h of Rogan with J.Peterson… or David Goggins…. or Eddie Bravo and Alex Jones xD lol



              Jeremy from the quartering smart? Not the word I’d use. I never thought him smart, but at first he seemed genuine.  Well not anymore. The debacle that was exclusively games has shown what kind of person he is.

              Gary at least seems to have some common wisdom. But then  again I Thought that about thequarterig as well, then success completely changed him.

              And I think it’s the height of hypocrisy to constantly bash youtube all the while specifically tailoring your content to the algorithm.



                TBH the 10 minute videos were already way overinflated with padding rounds. They cover headlines in 10 minutes. I’m not wasting my time listening to a video for 10-15 minutes to hear about somtehing that could be told in two.  At first it seemed OK because when I’m new to a channel everything the host says is new to me as well. But after the fifth or tenth video the repetittion becomes obvious.


                  Why can’t people put their opinions out without wanting to force it on others? If you don’t like some  star, or a film, or tv show, or game that’s fine,  Put out a review where you say your piece and then move on. But producing 10-15 videos campaigning against something? What is that if not cancel culture? I don’t understand how they don’t see their own hypocrisy, or perhaps they do just don’t care because they get clicks?

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                  It gets clicks for sure and with the exception of Jeremy I think most of the fandom menace are apolitical folk who just don’t like their favorite franchises being ruined with a bunch of arbitrary gender equality and LBGT nonsense to mask poor writing. It’s good that there are some people raising concerns about those things IMO, because the extremists on the other side have the upper hand and many of them like Kurtzman have admitted that the new Star Trek’s only goal is to put out messages supporting “organizations” like Black Lives Matter etc.


                  Why single out these guys? Is the vast majority of YouTube any different? The goal is to make the most money with the least amount of work, and they understandably don’t want to kill their golden goose. Who would?

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