Do you get bored of youtube channels?

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      I didn’t, I was replying to a comment that singled them out.

      Everyone is guilty doesn’t mean nobody is guilty.

      It’s a lie that you HAVE to put out a 10 minute video every day to survive on youtube.

      Maybe i’m naive, but I thought the goal was to retain some sort of integrity and honesty. If your only goal on youtube is to make the most money with the smallest effort you have no more morals than twitter sjws.


      Well I’m with you with the exception of the last thing you said – if a fandom menace YouTuber posts 10 minute videos every day about the same or similar thing (pedophilia is bad, cancel culture is bad, Black Lives Matter is bad, feminism is bad etc.) and a lefty YouTuber posts 10 minute videos stating the opposite every day I still think that the fandom menace is more moral. It’s not even a competition. They’re just all boring to me is all.


        In this they are equally guilty. I’m not giving the fandom menace leeway because I Happen to agree with them on 90% of issues.

      Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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