Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

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    Apparently no one made a pre-release thread for this one:

    The strangest part about this movie is the amount of supplementary material required in order to understand key plot points.  The motivations of the villain (conveniently hidden from most marketing) will come out of nowhere to someone who has only watched the films and avoided the Disney+ series.  A certain set of cameos in the second act is understandable on its own, but is treated with all the care of a late-era X-Men film.  In fact, much of the film’s runtime seems devoted to existing as connective tissue for larger MCU characters.

    Then, somewhere in the third act, Disney let Sam Raimi direct 25 minutes of the movie by accident, and it showed me everything I wanted to see from it.

    People will have big problems with this film.  FNT will pick apart the final fight and resolution to no end.  If you consider enjoyment of a film as being mutually exclusive from its quality, then you might have a fun time with this.


    Maybe because alot of use, the MCU ended with Avengers: Infinity War.

    Phase 4 of the meh-she-u by disney is not worth it.

    Talk with family and friends (in person and online) there is no excitement for this film at all.  NONE!

    And with all words that this is a Wanda film, and the fact in the listing of the cast, Wanda gets top billing with Dr.Strange, the title character, as the third one listed.

    To me, this is dead on arrival.  Same with Thot: luv and blunder


    Plz feel free to spoil for me. I wont waste my money on the hot garbage that is marvel these days.


    Wanda’s billing makes sense for this movie.  Her screentime is probably more than Hiddleston’s in the first Thor.  Her Disney+ series is mandatory knowledge to understand this movie’s plot at all.

    The leaked cameo scenes making the rounds are easily the worst part of the movie.  A certain actor’s head being superimposed on a body double to hide casting is incredibly noticeable.  Another certain actor definitely filmed scenes in the middle of a break from filming their other show in the area.

    (EDIT:  Adding reviews.  The resolution to the plot will turn people off, but it’s not as egregious as WandaVision.)




    Scarlet Witch as Carrie
    Scarlet Witch as Firestarter

    America Chavez and an alternate version of Dr. Stephen Strange are chased by a demon in space between universes while looking for the Book of Vishanti. This Strange is killed and Chavez accidentally creates a portal that transports them to Earth-616,[N 1] where this universe’s Strange rescues Chavez from an octopus demon chasing her by killing it with help from Sorcerer Supreme Wong.[N 2] Chavez explains that the demons are hunting her because she has the power to travel through the multiverse.

    Recognizing runes of witchcraft on the demon and the alternate Strange’s corpse, Strange consults Wanda Maximoff, only to realize that she is responsible for the demons hunting Chavez. Since acquiring the Darkhold and becoming the Scarlet Witch, Maximoff believes that controlling the multiverse with Chavez’s power will allow her to reunite with Billy and Tommy, the children she created during her time in Westview.[N 3] When Strange refuses to surrender Chavez, Wanda attacks Kamar-Taj, killing many sorcerers. Chavez accidentally transports herself and Strange across the multiverse to Earth-838. Maximoff uses the Darkhold to “dream-walk” into the body of her Earth-838 counterpart, who lives a suburban life with her own Billy and Tommy.

    While searching for help, Strange and Chavez are arrested by Earth-838’s Karl Mordo and brought before the Illuminati, which consists of Mordo himself, Captain Peggy Carter, King Blackagar Boltagon, Captain Maria Rambeau, Doctor Reed Richards, and Professor Charles Xavier. They explain that through reckless use of his universe’s Darkhold, Earth-838’s Strange triggered, and barely averted a universe-destroying “incursion” and had to be killed before he caused more harm; Mordo believes Earth-616’s Strange is similarly dangerous. Before they can pass judgment, Maximoff arrives and kills the Illuminati, except Mordo. Strange and Chavez escape with help from the Earth-838 counterpart of Strange’s ex-fiancé Christine Palmer, an Illuminati scientist.

    Fleeing from Maximoff, the trio enters the space between universes to find the Book of Vishanti, but Maximoff appears and takes over Chavez’s mind, using her powers to send the others to an incursion-destroyed universe. On Earth-616, Maximoff begins the spell to take Chavez’s powers. Strange fights the destroyed universe’s Strange, who has been corrupted by the Darkhold. Strange uses this Darkhold to dream-walk into the corpse of the alternate Strange which remained on Earth-616 and save Chavez. Unable to overpower Maximoff, Chavez instead transports her back to Earth-838, allowing Billy and Tommy to witness her evil. They recoil in fear, crying for their real mother, Earth-838’s Wanda.

    Realizing the error of her ways, Maximoff sacrifices herself and uses her powers to destroy all copies of the Darkhold throughout the multiverse. Before Palmer returns to Earth-838, Strange tells her that he still loves his universe’s Palmer but has always been too scared to have a real relationship. Chavez begins training as a sorcerer at Kamar-Taj. Sometime later, Strange develops a third eye as a result of using the Darkhold and is approached by a sorceress,[N 4] who warns him that his actions have triggered an incursion as both enter the Dark Dimension.


    Probably asking a spoiler related question here but…which versions of Xavier and Mr Fantastic do we get in this film if anyone has seen it yet? It might be sometime before I see it.


    They’re not in the movie long enough to make it clear.














    They’re heavily implied to be the 90s cartoon versions.  Xavier is in the yellow cartoon chair along with the theme reprise upon seeing his face.


    The best part of the movie was the popcorn.



    I ended up reading a plot synopsis last night and it even read like it sucked tbh. Much focus on America and Wanda, making Strange out not to be strong and also like he made terrible choices.


    Elizabeth Olsen is a good actress and gets to shine here, but these latest Marvel movies just absolutely crumble under the amount of requisite knowledge you need to even understand character motivation and plot threads. The MCU is growing so big that the narrative foundation is crumbling.
    Beyond the plot problems, the writing has gotten much worse over the past years, and even the effects look cheaper than in the old movies. Some of the action scenes look like cheap after effects plugins. After something like “Dune”, “The Northman” and “The Batman”, this embarrassing.

    Sam Raimi did not do himself a favor with this film.


    Much focus on America and Wanda, making Strange out not to be strong

    America was like a plot device but she wasn’t even in the movie that much. The most focus was on Dr Strange and Wanda obviously. And Dr Strange is one of the strongest characters in the MCU (only behind Thor, Captain Marvel and Wanda) but it shouldn’t be a surprise he loses against Wanda with the Darkhold. She’s probably the most powerful character right now.


    About people whining about having to watch things to understand it, this isn’t anything new. All the Avengers movies are the same. It’s like failing a test you didn’t study for and then blaming on others.

    I was waiting for the G+G review because I knew exactly what the verdict would be. Like the first comment they made was ”reeee it was woke”. At this point the right wing snowflakes are exaclty the same as the left wing snowflakes, never satisfied. Gender/race/sexuality swap a character and they go ”reeeee this isn’t comic accurate, it’s virtue signaling reeee”. But when they introduce a character who has two moms and is a part of the alphabet community and is comic accurate, they still go reeeeee. It was in no way ”shoving an agenda in the face”, they literally just showed a flashback of America’s parents who were two females and America mentioned her moms and it was enough to make people lose their minds.


    No one will blame Raimi for this film; the entire story was all Disney’s work.  He was brought in after Derrickson left, had scripts scrapped and revised, and mandated to meet a release date.  On top of that, the success of No Way Home necessitated an entire section of mindless cameos.  To be honest, it’s shocking the film turned out as well as it did.

    Part of me wishes that America Chavez was written as a reverse-Moclan from The Orville with no knowledge of what an opposite sex even is, although that idea strays too close to Wonder Woman in a lot of places.


      I am with @Legatus_Legionis, Marvel ended for me about there.  In fact the last one I watched was the one where they introduced Captain Marvel with the others (Infinity War?).  Watched that slop for 10mins and turned it off.

      Maybe I am just jaded at this point.  But, for me Star Wars ended in the 80’s and Trek ended in the 90’s.


      I like Darkhold stories and the Darkhold was handled incredibly well in Agents of SHIELD. The android girl used it to make something kind of like CERN, so you had all this alien tech appearing on the pages of the Darkhold and it drove the engineers mad. I really liked that at the time. A fan said the Darkhold is basically Marvel’s version of the Necronomicon, which was a grimoire that came to HP Lovecraft in a dream.

      Never watched WandaVision and could not get into it, despite really liking the two actors. Also, Marvel’s Runaways? Never watched it and just found out that Elizabeth Hurley was Morgan Le Fey? This is truly great casting. Very unfortunate that didn’t take off because that is good casting and she is an excellent villain.

      Before the Darkhold was in Wandavision(2021), it was in Runaways season 3(2019) and Agents of SHIELD season 4(2016). You could count it too in Cloak and Dagger considering crossover involved them in the same season.

      Morgan le Fay is a powerful enchantress and an adversary of King Arthur who was trapped in the Dark Dimension for centuries. The leader of a coven of witches, she sought to take control over Nico Minoru and the Staff of One in order to conquer the world.


      Movie needs to be re-titled to: Scarlet Witch is the bestest ever.

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